Data protection

Foreign and Commonwealth Office data protection statement

Please read through this policy carefully before making an application or accepting a Chevening Award.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) holds and uses data for purposes notified to the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998. Personal data may be disclosed to other UK Government departments, public authorities and the Chevening Secretariat (Secretariat) and associated partners pursuant to legislation or contract or as necessary for the administration of the award.

Online application form data protection policy

By choosing to submit your registration to the online application system,  you agree to the processing of your personal data as set out below and in accordance with the FCO's notification to the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 by the FCO, which is the 'data controller' for the purposes of the DPA.

Your personal data will be used to assess your suitability and verify your eligibility for a Chevening Award and to complete all necessary procedures of the selection process, including notifying you of the result. Your personal data may also be used in the collation of statistical information, relating to Chevening applicants, which will assist the FCO and the Chevening Secretariat in the management and administration of the Chevening Programme.

It is impossible to apply for a Chevening Award without providing the personal data requested in the application form. Only data necessary for these purposes will be collected and application data will be stored for a limited period of no more than 12 months.

You will be able to correct the information inputted into the form up until the time of submission. After submission you will need to contact the Help Desk to request an amendment. You will be able to check the progress of your application and view your application at any point.

Chevening data protection policy

The information you provide when you apply for a Chevening Scholarship will be used in the following ways:

  • To verify that you are entitled to a Chevening Scholarship
  • To assess your application for a Chevening Scholarship
  • To contact you with the outcome of your application

If you are not willing to provide all the information requested, we will be unable to process your application.

You may correct the information entered onto the application form up until the time of submission. After submission, corrections are only permitted to personal data (name, contact details etc.) and you must contact the helpdesk to request an amendment. 

The information you provide will also be used to collate statistics and may be used for research (although no information that could identify you as an individual shall be published).

The information will be protected in accordance with the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998.

Where necessary your information will be shared with people and organisations involved in the assessment or your application or administration of the scholarship scheme, including:

  • The British Embassy or High Commission in your country
  • Your country’s Embassy or High Commission in the UK
  • Any joint sponsor who is contributing to your Scholarship

If your application is successful:

  • Data you provided at application will be used to administer your scholarship
  • Your name, subject, institution, level of study, degree outcome, year of award and country of origin may be published in any Chevening or FCO publication, briefing or website
  • The Chevening Scholarships Secretariat may contact your academic supervisor in the UK to obtain information on your progress
  • Your university will release details of your degree results to the FCO
  • Reports on your progress may be sent to the British Embassy or High Commission in your home country
  • Your details will be included in the online and print versions of the Alumni Directory following the completion of your studies

On your application form you have the opportunity to say that you do not want your information used in the following ways, and we will do everything you can to respect these preferences:

  • Sharing your details with other Chevening Scholars so that you have access to the best networking and engagement opportunities we can offer while you are in the UK, allowing you to forge connections you will keep beyond your Scholarship
  • Providing your email to future Chevening Scholars as part of the Buddying Scheme to discuss life and study in the UK. Under this scheme Scholars can request to be paired with alumni who have studied at their UK University or subject area, or request to be connected to alumni from their home country
  • Publishing any images, photographs or videos in which you may appear

You may change these optional data preferences at any point during your award by informing your Programme Officer of the change you wish to make.

If notice that any documentation you receive from your programme officer contains incorrect information, please notify them immediately so that they can correct the records.

If your application is unsuccessful your application will be held for one year and then destroyed.

If your application is successful, your data will be transferred to the Chevening Secretariat for the purposes of administering your award and will then be held for the FCO indefinitely.

Records held about you for immigration purposes will be held for a period of six years only before they are destroyed.