Why study in the UK?

The UK is home to many of the world's best universities, but why else might you want to study here?

Explore UK life and culture

Arts and entertainment Arts and entertainment

Arts and entertainment

The UK has internationally-acclaimed creative industries that have consistently generated global talents. Whether you’re into music, film, theatre, or fashion, you’re sure to get your fix amongst the many music festivals, film premieres, major theatre shows, exhibitions, and museums in this arts and culture haven.

Cuisine Cuisine


Although there's nothing quite like fish and chips by the sea, or a warm cottage pie on a winter’s night, the UK has moved beyond its traditional staples to embrace new cuisines. New takes on old favourites are making it a first choice for foodies. Don’t worry though, there are still plenty of classic pubs if you’re craving a hearty Full English!

Develop English skills English language skills

English language skills

Studying in the UK allows you to immerse yourself in the English language for a sustained period of time. You’ll master the global language of commerce, science, and technology. Knowing multiple languages is highly valuable since countries are becoming increasingly interconnected and companies now serve a global market.

Diversity Diversity


The UK is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and has a long history of welcoming visitors, especially students, from around the globe. Living in the UK exposes you to a variety of cultures, opinions, and experiences. You’ll leave with friends from places that you didn’t even know existed!

Friendly people Friendly people

Friendly people

Forget the stereotypes that British people have a ‘dry’ sense of humour and only talk about the weather. Scratch the surface and you’ll find kind strangers everywhere you look. Whether it’s a helpful local or a chatty barkeeper, Brits continue to welcome people of all nationalities, cultures, and faiths, as it has done throughout its history.

Great outdoors Great outdoors

Great outdoors

Despite depictions of gloomy weather, the UK is actually abundant in natural beauty. From the Scottish Highlands to the Lake District, Snowdonia, and Isle of Wight, nature lovers will truly be in their element. The UK’s excellent transport network also makes it easy to get away for the weekend to rest and reconnect with nature.

History and heritage History and heritage

History and heritage

Packed with historic monuments, stately homes, castles, and cathedrals, there are countless well-preserved sites of historical interest in the UK. You might visit the house in which Shakespeare was born; discover one of Europe's most recognisable prehistoric monuments, or overlook the Scottish capital from Edinburgh Castle.

Literature Literature


The UK is brimming with famous authors, from Shakespeare, to Austen, Dahl, Dickens, and Woolf, who were inspired by UK culture and the societies in which they lived. Study in the UK and you can visit the very places where these timeless works are set, experiencing the Britain of generations past (both real and fictitious).

One year degrees One-year degrees

One-year degrees

Master’s courses in the UK typically last for one year, which is shorter than many other countries. Master’s degrees are challenging but UK universities provide an environment for students to flourish, whilst developing their skills. It is no wonder that student satisfaction rates are almost at 90% for international students.

Sporting nation Sporting nation

Sporting nation

The UK is home to Premier League football, and it annually hosts the London Marathon, F1 Grand Prix, Wimbledon, and many other events. But the UK is more than just a good place to watch elite sport. For those who like participating in sport, access to facilities is affordable for students and, in many places, free.

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