Stay connected

Finishing your award is not the end of the road, just a pause before you continue down a meaningful new path. Find out how you can stay connected, give back, and contribute to the growth and strength of the Chevening network.

Online connections

In all online and offline activities, Chevening Alumni are expected to adhere to the Alumni Charter and the Social media and messaging policy.

Get involved

Share your knowledge Share your knowledge

Share your knowledge

Sharing your time, talent, and expertise with a new Chevening awardee, or one of your fellow alumni, by offering advice or guidance is one way for you to give back .

Promote Chevening Promote Chevening

Promote Chevening

Alumni are the primary ambassadors of the Chevening scheme and we encourage all of you to promote Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships to other potential future leaders.

CAPF Alumni Forum Chevening Alumni Programme Fund (CAPF)

Chevening Alumni Programme Fund (CAPF)

Access funding to organise alumni activities and projects designed to enhance Chevening engagement, influence, and social impact around the world.

Contact Chevening staff

Contact your embassy image In your country

In your country

Contact the Chevening officer at your local UK diplomatic mission to receive news about what’s going on in your country’s Chevening community, insights on bilateral relations, and receive invites to exclusive events. If you don’t know the officer’s contact details, find the mission’s details on the UK government website.

alumni In the UK

In the UK

Email the alumni team to share your success and professional achievements with us and the wider Chevening community. If you’re back in the UK for any reason, let us know so that we can keep you posted about alumni activities.

Map- anywhere else Anywhere else

Anywhere else

If you are not in your home country, either contact the British embassy or high commission in the country you currently live in, contact us in London, or reach out to the local alumni group.