Meet our Chevening Africa Media Freedom Fellows (CAMFF) 2021-2022

This programme is designed to promote a lively exchange of ideas and constructive learning between leading African media and information professionals, and University of Westminster course leaders. Fellows will be challenged to debate key policy issues, understanding international and UK positions, and participate in discussions on the ethics of reporting.

Baboucarr Camara

Managing Editor, The Gambia Radio and Television Services

Baboucarr has participated in many developmental initiatives over 19 years, including working as a youth officer, projects coordinator and both a national, and international youth advocate. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics, as well as a diploma.

Julius Chetita

Associate Professor, University of Buea

Julius is associate professor of mass communications at the University of Buea. Between 2014-2017 he presided as chair of the university's department of journalism and mass communications. Today, Julius specialises in public relations, provides communication consultancy, evaluates communication programmes, and runs a commercial printing press.

Asmerate Gebresilasse

Capacity Development Lead, Internews Network

Asmerate is a capacity development lead at Internews Network in Ethiopia. Prior to that, Asmerate worked as deputy executive officer at Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. Her journalism career, spanning more than a decade, started at Fortune newspaper. Asmerate has also taught journalism at Addis Ababa University.

John Baptist Imokola

Associate Lecturer, Makerere University

John Baptist works at Makerere University as an assistant lecturer in the department of journalism and communications. John Baptist’s area of expertise are in television broadcasting, media freedom, news writing, and reporting.

Sheku Mansaray

Regional Director, The Independent Media Commission of Sierra Leone

Sheku has ten years experience in media regulation, promoting good journalistic practices, and the development of human resources for purposes of media industry advancement. He was part of the campaign team advocating for the successful repeal of the criminal and seditious libel law, which served as hindrance to media pluralism.

Rutendo Mawere

Correspondent, Voice of America, Zimbabwe Service

Rutendo is a communications specialist who is passionate about media freedom. She is a public information rights activist and believes that informed societies make informed decisions. She currently works with the VOA Zimbabwe service as a correspondent.

Sang Mendy

Managing Director, Media Academy for Journalism and Communication

Sang is the managing director of the Media Academy for Journalism and Communication. He is also the manager of FactCheck Gambia. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism, an advanced diploma in mass communication and a higher teachers certificate.

Abayneh Mihret

Assignment Editor in Chief, Ethiopian Broadcasting Editor

Abayneh works at the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) as assignment editor in chief. He is also a PhD student in media and communication studies. Abayneh is the representative leader of the executive committee at the Ethiopian Journalists Association (EJA).

Tabani Moyo

Regional Director, Media Institute of Southern Africa

Tabani is a trained journalist and marketer with over 15 years experience in media development. He is a member of the Southern Africa Internet Governance Steering committee; a vice chairperson at the Africa Information Freedom Centre and sits on the governing council at IFEX.

Sangwani Mwafulirwa

Director of Media and Public Relations, Malawi Electoral Commission

Sangwani works as director for media and public relations with the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), a position he has held for eight years. He holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Malawi.

Hilda Ngomano

Chief News Producer, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation

Hilda has worked as chief news producer at the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation where she has produced news and current affairs programs since 2004. Hilda holds a bachelor of arts in journalism, a postgraduate certificate in media management and a diploma in journalism.

Priya Reddy

Director of Communications, City of Cape Town

Priya leads the communication operation at the City of Cape Town where she maps the strategic and creative communication direction of the city. She is responsible for multi-million communication decisions for an operation that serves four million residents and 30,000 staff. She has recently completed a master's in mass communication at the University of Cape Town.

Yvonnie Sundu

Communications and Advocacy Officer, National Youth Council of Malawi

Yvonnie is a journalist, communicator and PR practitioner with 15 years of experience. She is currently the communications and advocacy officer at Malawi’s National Youth Council. She holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in journalism and mass communication.

Chevening Africa Media Fellowship (CAMFF)

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