Gurukul Fellows for Leadership and Excellence

Madhavi Misra

Team Leader at Oxford Policy Management Ltd

Madhavi is currently a team leader at Oxford Policy Management Ltd. Her role sees her managing large health system evaluation programmes in India. She evaluates interventions around reproductive, maternal, and child health in key states of India. Madhavi became a Chevening Gurukul Fellow as she wants to enhance her global perspective on development, geo-politics, current affairs, and future trends. Whilst on award she hopes to have a deeper understanding on subjects such as globalization, climate change, social development, and entrepreneurship. She hopes to take her new found knowledge back with her to influence policy and governance. Madhavi also looks forward to using the sports facilities at the University of Oxford and travelling around the UK.

Elsa Marie Dsilva

Founder and CEO of Red Dot Foundation

Elsa is Founder and CEO of Red Dot Foundation. She is responsible for the overall functioning of the organisation including strategic management, business development, and fiscal compliance. She describes how her organisation is ready to increase in size and she wishes to understand how best to do this on a global scale. She also wants to know how to best engage with government on topics including sexual violence. Elsa describes how she is looking forward to getting to know her peers better, make use of the excellent facilities in Oxford, and most importantly for her, expand her network and knowledge.