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My Chevening journey: One year on

by Camilo Enriquez, Chevening Alumnus

I am Camilo Enriquez, a 2016 Chevening Scholar. I represented Colombia and my city Pasto as student of the MSc in Social Policy and Development at the London School of Economics (LSE). A year after this experience ended, I feel lucky, grateful, and honoured to be a Chevener. I believe that God or destiny has a […]

Work experience: Four key points to help you apply

by Catriona MacArthur, Programme Officer – International

Hello! I’m Catriona, a Programme Officer – International at Chevening. Last year, we held a number of themed Q&A sessions. In relation to work experience, we noticed a number of recurring questions, which we have summarised below. (1) All applicants must have worked at least 2,800 hours to be eligible. It is assumed that applicants in full-time employment work […]

Literacy: the tool that powers potential

by John Zimba, Founder, Chiparamba Trust

In Zambia, 44 per cent of the population above the age of 15 cannot read or write. Through the Chiparamba Trust, a charity I founded, I am attempting to address this by engaging rural communities, where illiteracy is most widespread, in reading and writing programmes for children between the ages of five and 17.

UK events: September 2018

by Programme team – UK, Chevening Secretariat

LONDON Proms in the Park 2018 8 September Experience the grand finale of the two month-long BBC Proms classical music festival, with live music, fireworks, and much more. Grab a couple of friends, a blanket, and some snacks and head to Hyde Park to enjoy an atmosphere you’ll never forget. Visit their website  London Brunch […]

Twenty-one of the most British things that I’ve spotted whilst in the UK

by Chevening Scholars - Class of 2018,

A quick online search for ‘the most British things’ brings up a vast array of Britishisms but the most common seem to be: saying sorry, queueing, (bad teeth), separate hot and cold water taps, roast dinners, and tea and crumpets with the Queen. Naturally, everyone in the UK has tea with the Queen at least […]

Scholar blog - most British things

Five of the five most… at Farewell

by Sevgi Kaymak, Communications Assistant

And thus ends an incredible year with some incredible people who I know will go on to further embody everything Chevening is about — friendships, leadership, and progress. But first, a blog to commemorate the class of 2017’s Chevening Farewell through the eyes, smiles, and dance moves of a five foot two communications assistant… me! Farewell […]

Ten of the best beaches I’ve visited in the UK

by Chevening Scholars - Class of 2018,

There are some things you automatically associate with the beach such as sand, sunshine, and swimming. Then, there is the UK – often overlooked when speaking about beaches despite being a set of islands with over 1500 beaches. In order to change this perception, and to pair perfectly with one of the best UK summers our scholars […]

Scholar blog - best UK beaches

On becoming a Chevener: what I’ve learnt

by Julius Alejandre, Social Media Ambassador

As I complete the last stretch of this journey, of discovering the United Kingdom through its distinct culture and vantage points – from travelling to Inverness, Londonderry, and Cornwall – at some point, I found myself seated on a train from Wales to the north of England, trying to figure out if I am on […]

#MyCheveningJourno 2018

by Programme team – UK, Chevening Secretariat

Ten Chevening Alumni have been selected to do placements in different departments of the BBC World Service, a highly respected British institution, over a period of three months. We are sharing their stories, thoughts, and videos from their time at the World Service through our rolling #MyCheveningJourno blog. We’ll be posting regularly on this page as new content comes […]

Simon the scholar’s Premier League predictions 2018/2019

by Simon Wanyonyi, Chevening Scholar

The Premier League 2018/2019 season kicks off this evening with Manchester United playing Leicester. It’s one of the most popular leagues in the world, and we asked Chevening Scholar and Manchester United fan Simon Wanyonyi, from Kenya, to give us his predictions for the year ahead…  1. Who will be the top four teams at […]