UK events in February

Virtual events

Southbank Centre online season


With many entertainment venues shut for physical events, broadcasts from the world of music, literature and film are being streamed for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost!

Pancake Day

16th February

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is traditionally when people used to clear out their cupboards of anything sweet before Lent (a period of fasting before Easter) which is why we indulge in this treat! As you can’t try them out at restaurants this year, here’s some menu ideas that offer delivery to your door.

NI Science Festival

15th – 28th February

In this unique year where science has never been so important, the NI Science Festival offers a stimulating and wide range of over 120 events across 14 days, featuring a mixture of unforgettable outdoor experiences across Northern Ireland, virtual talks from some of our favourite science communicators from around the globe and online interactive workshops.

South Downs Dark Skies Festival 2021

12th – 28th February

Now in its fifth year, the South Downs Dark Skies Festival celebrates our wonderful night skies but this year it will be from home, focusing on the personal experience of the night skies where you live, learning about the history and folk lore of constellations, the nocturnal wildlife that depends on them and the well-being benefits of stargazing. Expect activities such as live link ups to the South Downs Planetarium for tours of the night sky plus night-time safaris with the Park Rangers.

Natural History Museum: Asteroid Mission

2 February

In December 2020 the Hayabusa2 spacecraft brought back samples from the asteroid Ryugu for scientists to study on Earth. What exactly is an asteroid? How did Hayabusa2 get there? What can we learn from Ryugu? Join the conversation here with science communicator Khalil Thirlaway and curator Helena Bates as they answer these questions (and more).

Glasgow Film Festival

24 February – 7 March

Glasgow is one of the friendliest film festivals on the planet with a wide-ranging programme that celebrates every corner of world cinema and provides a fantastic showcase for the best of Scottish film. The 2021 edition will take place from Wednesday 24 February to Sunday 7 March and will be entirely virtual for the first time.

British Museum Lecture: Can we adapt to the pressures of climate change?

18 February

Chaired by journalist and former Climate Change Editor at Nature, Dr Gabrielle Walker, this discussion explores stories of climate adaptation from humanity’s past, and the importance of adaptation in the future.

Royal Geographic Society Lecture: The Broads: Landscape and History

11 February

The Norfolk Broads are made up of over 150 miles of navigable waterways. In this lecture, Professor Tom Williamson will explain how and why humans contributed to the landscape, describing how they were first shaped in the Middle Ages, and how they were constantly modified by changes in their function, both social and economic. He will also discuss the profound impact of this ‘rural’ landscape of industry and commerce, and chart the recent impact of tourism and agribusiness on the environment.

In person events

On yer bike!


If you’re looking to spend some time outdoors and make the most of the quieter roads, it’s a great time to get out and about on a bike. There’s plenty of downloadable route maps online, check out some options for the Manchester area through the link above.

Connected By Light

Until 27th February

Experience this specially curated collection of light artworks, bringing nine new stunning illuminated installations to the Canary Wharf area of London. Designed to be enjoyed from a distance, bring a sense of calm and reflection as well as a much-needed splash of colour during the winter nights.

Find a local walk


It is really important to get outside in a safe way to look after your well being and health. Walking Britain have a local walks database of thousands of local walks in your area.