Virtual events in April 2021

Mayfair & Belgravia’s Wander Art Trail- Ongoing 

Immerse yourself in art and design simply by wandering the streets of Mayfair & Belgravia. The area’s outdoor gallery trail, Wander Art, is home to creations from some of the world’s most exciting artists. The bespoke walking trail features 12 artworks in a range of distinctive striking and colourful styles, from sculptures and installations to murals.

Leave a Light On- until 24 April

This online concert series is not only providing entertainment for people who are currently in lockdown and missing the magic of West End performances, but also income for performers who have found themselves without work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Full schedules of the shows will be released weekly, with concerts running every day at 5pm and 8pm until 24 April.

Royal Photographic Society’s Science Photographer of the Year- throughout April

Bringing together science, climate and art in a stunning showcase of images, this online exhibition features the winning and stand-out entries to the Royal Photographic Society’s prestigious Science Photographer of the Year competition. For the first time this year, a new Climate Change category was introduced to reflect the theme of the Manchester Science Festival- available for audiences to enjoy until 2 May.

#blossomwatch- throughout April

Many of you will have noticed that after a long winter, Spring finally appears to have sprung with the appearance of blossom in green spaces and on trees lining streets across the UK. The National Trust has announced it’ll be planting more blossoming tree circles in towns and cities across the country to help signal reflection and hope following the pandemic. Visit them to find out where to find blossom and be sure to get your cameras out to capture this beautiful herald of the new season.

The Boat Race 2021 – 3 April 2021

The annual Oxford-Cambridge University Boat Race was first raced in 1829 and is now one of the world’s oldest and most famous amateur sporting events, offering an unrivalled educational experience to the students who take part. 2021 will see the 166th Men’s Boat Race and the 75th Women’s Boat Race. You can watch coverage of the event live on the BBC and BBC Sport website.

St George’s Day – 23 April 2021

Celebrate England’s national holiday by learning about English history. From the Romans to Banksy and Henry VIII to the Battle of Hastings, there is vast resources bank which should cover any of your interests.

Natural History Museum Talks

As the National History Museum continues to remain closed for now, they have published a number of videos on their YouTube channel to help you discover and learn more about our natural environment and find out more about some of the exhibitions you’ll be able to visit once they have reopened.

LSE Public Lecture – The New Age of Empire: how racism and colonialism still rule the world – 27 April

As part of LSE’s public lecture series, Coretta Phillips will be in conversation with Kehinde Andrews to discusses his new book, The New Age of Empire. A book that offers no easy answers to critical questions, The New Age of Empire presents a new blueprint for challenging age-old systems. Andrews argues that the “West is rich because the Rest is poor”, and that reforming a racist global order calls for radical solutions.

Royal Observatory Greenwich – Online Planetarium Show

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is the Home to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and British Astrology. Also here is London’s very own Planetarium. The Royal Observatory runs various online events about different aspects of space and time. For beginners like us, we would recommend seeing the online Planetarium Show which runs every Tuesday and Thursday at 14:00 and every weekend day at 11:00 and 12:00.

World Shakespeare Day – 23 April

William Shakespeare was one of Britain’s most influential writers. He is also known for being born and dying on the same day, 23 April. As such, 23 April is an obvious day to celebrate his life and works. This year, it is unlikely that there will be any celebrations in Stratford-Upon-Avon, however you can watch several adaptions of his works online.