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Longlists, shortlists, references, and interviews

by Programme team – international, Chevening Secretariat

Terms to know Reading Committees: Applications that pass the initial eligibility sift are reviewed by a Reading Committee, composed of a regional and an academic assessor. Longlists: Top scoring applications are added to a longlist, and are passed on to the relevant embassy or high commission (‘post’) for further review. Shortlists: From their longlist, posts […]

The Future of Autonomous Vehicles: A Q&A with Dr Marco Cecotti

by Nick Yap, Chevening Social Media Ambassador

We have all been there before. Stuck in the heart of a metropolitan city centre during the peak rush hour in gratuitous gridlock traffic. You dial-up the volume of the radio and hear the DJ discussing the latest news in technology, and ironically the topic of self-driving cars is brought up. You swear to yourself […]

Being gay in the Diplomatic Service: a personal account

‘The past is a foreign country’. That foreign country, which James Southern examines in this fascinating and challenging essay, is the one I lived in from 1968, when I joined Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service from university at the age of 21, until I left 35 years later. ‘So, Mr Wall, have you ever had any […]

Diplomats for equality march

My Chevening journey: fourth time’s the charm

by Praise Mufaro Makiwa, Chevening Scholar, MSc Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

I vividly remember during my early years when my mother would say to me, ‘When life throws lemons at you, throw them back and demand oranges if that is what you want.’ She repeatedly said those words, which then birthed a fighting spirit within me. That is the same spirit that saw me apply for […]

UK events in February

London Pancake Day 25 February Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is traditionally when people used to clear out their cupboards of anything sweet before Lent (a period of fasting before Easter) which is why we indulge in this treat! Try them out at one of London’s many fabulous restaurants, some ideas of where to go can […]


Six ways I celebrated the holiday season: the Scotland edition

by Chevening Scholars - Class of 2019,

For some scholars, the holiday season is defined by staying at home with the comforts they are used to, for others, it is by travelling. For these scholars, the holiday season was defined by their decisions to spend it in Scotland! Whether it be to partake in Hogmanay in Edinburgh, the traditional Scottish New Year’s […]

Being a woman in aviation, in Wales

by Lerined Sanchez, Chevening Scholar, Aviation Engineering and Management

You will know that you’ve arrived in Wales once you see the incredible greenery and the breathtaking mountains that make you feel like you are inside a film. Living in Wales is a life changing experience that every student should live and you can expect many things when you come to live here. For example, […]

Eight ways I celebrated the holiday season

by Chevening Scholars - Class of 2019,

December. A month that can be defined by a variety of holiday celebrations across the world including Christmas, Hanukkah (month dependent), Yule, Yalda, and of course, New Year’s Eve. For Cheveners, it is also a break from university between terms which means, ample time to explore the UK, create new traditions, and form new friendships […]