Is accommodation included in my fellowship?

This will be dependent on your fellowship and will be stated in your final award letter. Where accommodation is pre-arranged as part of your award, you will receive a reduced living allowance. If accommodation is not pre-arranged as part of your award, your monthly living allowance will be calculated to include accommodation costs.

Can Chevening act as my guarantor?

Chevening is not able to act as a guarantor under any circumstances. A guarantor is a third-party individual or organisation who agrees to be responsible for paying your rent if you fail to do so. University accommodation providers will not generally ask for a guarantor, but some private landlords will require one as a condition of […]

Who pays for my accommodation?

Scholars are responsible for finding, and paying for, their own accommodation. Chevening is not able to pay for your accommodation on your behalf. We would recommend that you do not pay anything for your accommodation until you have viewed the property and made sure you are happy with it.

Where can I go for help if I need specialist housing advice?

If your Students’ Union or university doesn’t provide any housing advice then there are other agencies that may be able to help. The housing charity Shelter provides useful information as well face to face and telephone advice. The Citizens Advice Bureau will also be able to offer further advice on your housing issue and you […]

Is my accommodation and property covered by the Chevening Secretariat’s insurance?

No. Your Chevening Scholarship does not include any insurance. We recommend taking out possessions insurance to protect your belongings from theft, fire, loss, or accidental damage while you are staying in the UK. Some university accommodation contracts do include possessions insurance, but you should carefully check exactly what is and is not included. Your Students’ […]

My rent needs to be paid in a single payment, can you help with this?

In the first instance, please try to organise your rent in monthly or quarterly instalments. If you have no other option than to pay your rent in a single payment we are able to organise this, but we would advise against it because your cash card (onto which your first payment will be made) has […]

My landlord requires me to pay my rent in instalments, can you help with this?

We provide you with a monthly living allowance which you can use to meet your costs of living, including your rent. However, some university and private residences will require payment of rent in three or four instalments. You should always check to see if your accommodation provider will accept monthly payments – we recommend that […]

My landlord/accommodation provider wants me to pay a deposit now, what can I do?

You are responsible for paying any accommodation deposits yourself; The Chevening Secretariat will not be able to make any payments directly to your landlord or accommodation provider. If you are required to pay a deposit, you should ask your landlord if you can delay payment of it until you arrive in the UK.  You can […]

How much funding will I receive for my accommodation?

Your Conditional Award Letter will indicate your monthly stipend rate. Your stipend is intended to cover reasonable living costs in the UK while you are studying full time and is calculated to cover your basic expenses only. These include such expenses as accommodation, meals, personal expenses, phone bill, daily travel, and any required course resources. […]