We provide you with a monthly living allowance which you can use to meet your costs of living, including your rent. However, some university and private residences will require payment of rent in three or four instalments. You should always check to see if your accommodation provider will accept monthly payments – we recommend that you send your Final Award Letter as evidence of the stipends you will receive if your Chevening application is successful. If your accommodation provider insists on termly payments, we can arrange for you to receive three or four pre-payments at the appropriate times in the year to allow you to meet the payment schedule. Your monthly stipend will then be adjusted accordingly to recover these payments.

To process a short term loan, you will need to email your programme officer your accommodation contract as well as your payment instalment plan. Your programme officer will then be able to draw up a contract which you should check carefully before signing and returning. You should do this at least 2 weeks before you arrive in the UK to allow time for processing and for payment to be made when you arrive. It is your responsibility to ensure you allow enough time for your programme officer to process your documents in time for you to meet your first payment.

You will need to have arrived in the UK to be eligible for a short-term loan.