My landlord/accommodation provider wants me to pay a deposit now, what can I do?

You are responsible for paying any accommodation deposits yourself; The Chevening Secretariat will not be able to make any payments directly to your landlord or accommodation provider. If you are required to pay a deposit, you should ask your landlord if you can delay payment of it until you arrive in the UK.  You can […]

How much funding will I receive for my accommodation?

Your Conditional Award Letter will indicate your monthly stipend rate. Your stipend is intended to cover reasonable living costs in the UK while you are studying full time and is calculated to cover your basic expenses only. These include such expenses as accommodation, meals, personal expenses, phone bill, daily travel, and any required course resources. […]

When should I start looking at accommodation options?

There is no harm in starting your research into accommodation options as early as possible.  If your university has a housing advice service you can start by contacting them. Ideally, you should not sign any housing contract until you have seen the accommodation you are signing for. Try to do as much research as possible […]