What if my referee has not received a reference request email?

Applicants should check their referee’s details to ensure that there are no mistakes. If you need to update your referee’s details, you can do so in your application, which will trigger a new email being sent to the email address submitted. (Please note: Once you click ‘Change referee details’, your previous referee is automatically deleted. Therefore, […]

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How are Chevening scholars selected?

All Chevening applications undergo a rigorous review and selection process: Applications are first sifted and checked by the Chevening Secretariat in London against initial eligibility criteria such as degree qualifications, work experience, English language ability, etc. Applications are then individually reviewed by independent reading committees who score applications against FCO, Chevening, and regional objectives, and […]

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What happens if I lose my cash card?

A replacement card will be provided. However, there will be a fee to issue a new cash card and for the transfer of funds. This fee will be applied to you and deducted from the amount transferred on your replacement card. Please advise your programme officer or the fellowships team as soon as possible if your […]

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