Am I permitted to take a leave of absence during the fellowship?

Only if it is approved by both the Secretariat and your host institution in advance. In this event, the following entitlement applies: 3 month fellowship duration – up to 7 days travel outside of the UK 6 month fellowship duration – up to 14 days travel outside of the UK 9 months fellowship duration – up to […]

What date should I travel to the UK?

You are advised to travel to the UK a few days before the start date of your course to allow time to settle in to your new environment. However, please note, although you will receive your stipend one day after you arrive in the UK, it will be calculated according to the start date of […]

How will I know whether you received my email with my placement documents?

We experience a high volume of queries during placement, so please be patient and we will respond to you as soon as possible. If you do not receive a response in three days, please try sending each document in an individual email, as we may not have received the original email due to its large […]

Can I defer my fellowship?

Deferrals are only granted in specific and exceptional circumstances. For more information please review the fellowship terms and conditions.

How will I receive my Final Award Letter?

Once we have created your final award letter it will be sent to your embassy or high commission, who will stamp and sign it before sending you the official copy.

Can you ask the university to speed up my CAS?

Since your CAS is generated internally by your university, Chevening does not have any control over this. Your programme officer cannot intervene nor can they ask the university to expedite the process. Bear in mind that the university will be very busy during the admissions period so please be patient. 

Can you ask the university to change the conditions of my offer?

No. Any conditions given in the university’s offer letter are set by the university with no involvement from the Secretariat. If you do not meet their requirements, the university will be unable to issue you an unconditional offer. It is your responsibility to meet their conditions.