As a Chevening Scholar we want you to experience as much of the UK and its culture as possible. Therefore during the tenure of your scholarship, you are permitted to travel outside of the UK for a maximum of 30 days. Travel outside of the UK requires prior consent, so you should notify your programme officer at least two weeks in advance of any travel. Please refer to your final award letter for confirmation of your scholarship tenure dates.

If you arrive later in the academic year, due to starting your studies remotely at home, this will be adjusted proportionally. For example, if you spend two thirds of the academic year in the UK, you will be allowed 20 days outside the UK.

Depending on where you travel to, it may be necessary for you to apply for an additional visa, for example the Schengen visa. It is your responsibility to check if you require a visa before travelling. If you have any concerns about travelling outside of the UK while on award, you can contact your programme officer or the welfare and immigration team.