I cannot access my unique access code and I need to log onto the system urgently to complete my application before the deadline. What should I do?

We strongly recommend that Chevening applications are prepared and submitted in good time before the deadline to avoid any last-minute difficulties. If you do have difficulties logging into your saved application during the final week of the application period and are having trouble resetting your unique access code via the self-service process, we recommend that […]

Can I save my application and come back to it later?

Yes. You can save your application and return to it as many times as you like during the application period. Just remember to click ‘save’ on each page before logging out. You can access your application using your email address and your unique access code.

How can I delete a document I uploaded by mistake?

No documents are required to be uploaded in order to submit an application for Chevening. In the subsequent stages of the process, applicants who are selected for interview will be required to upload documents. You will have the opportunity to confirm the correct documents have been uploaded prior to submitting.

Can I withdraw my application?

Yes. You can withdraw your application at any time. Please note that withdrawing your application will remove all your details from the system. You will have to re-enter all your information in order to submit.

Can I use artificial intelligence/ChatGPT to help me write my application?

Using artificial intelligence software to generate answers to Chevening’s essay questions is strictly prohibited. Applicants must submit their own original work. You must not use someone else’s work or present content generated by AI tools like ChatGPT as your own. Doing so violates Chevening’s guidelines on plagiarism and fraud. If your application is found to […]

I don’t have access to a Visa Application Centre, what do I do?

In the event that there is not a Visa Application Centre in your home country, or it is closed, Chevening may be able to help cover the cost of travel to another country to secure a visa. A visa travel costs reimbursement will only be assessed and completed once the scholar has arrived in the […]