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What will you do to conserve ocean life?

by Prashant Gangapersad, Social media ambassador

One of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set out by the United Nations, is to protect and conserve life below water (United Nations, 2021). Our oceans cover 71% of Earth’s surface, making it the planet’s largest habitat. Did you know that more than 800 species living in the depths of our oceans have interacted […]

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The fight for safe water

Global issues such as climate change and rapid urbanisation are placing even greater strain on one of the world’s most precious finite natural resources, water. How can we improve access to clean water in water scarce countries like Tanzania? We speak with Chevening Scholar, Oscar Timothy.

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#OurClimatePledge: pledge to protect our planet in 2021

At Chevening, we are very proud to be teaming up with our partners at the Marshall, Fulbright and Commonwealth scholarship programmes to encourage our communities to take climate action in 2021, the year the UK holds the presidency for the COP26 climate conference. The climate crisis affects us all, and together we can take action. Together we can […]

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