Some universities require a tuition fee deposit either because you have deferred your place from the previous year or to secure your unconditional offer. Chevening will not pay this deposit and it is your responsibility to secure your university offer.

In some cases, the university may be able to postpone payment of the deposit if they are aware that you are waiting for your Chevening Award to be confirmed, or waive your deposit upon receipt of your final award letter. However, this is at the discretion of each university.

Should your university request a letter as proof that you have applied for a Chevening Award, please share the proof of application letter, which can be downloaded from the online application portal.

After you have arrived in the UK and Chevening has paid your tuition fees directly to your university, your deposit will show as credit on your tuition fee account. You will then be able to arrange a return of your deposit directly with the university fees office. Chevening will not reimburse your deposit, you must contact your university directly.