Social media ambassadors

Chevening Social Media Ambassadors (SMAs) showcase what it’s like to be a Chevening Scholar by attending events and documenting their experiences of life in the UK.

SMAs show our community what it’s really like to study, travel, and live in the UK. They attend and share content from various social and academic Chevening events throughout the year. They also use videos, blogs, and social media posts to give us an insight into their day-to-day lives.

For 2022/2023, 12 SMAs were selected. You can read more about them below.

You can also follow their journeys through the #IAmChevening hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.


An Nguyen

Country: Vietnam
University: University of Westminster
Course: MA Media, Campaigning and Social Change

‘Chào bạn! These Vietnamese words are the warmest greeting I would love to speak to you all.

My name is An Nguyen. I am working in the entertainment industry and am striving for social change through media advocacy. As an SMA, I am here, with my videos and photos, to make our Chevening journeys one-of-a-kind experiences that we will never forget. Go hard or go home? Of course, let’s learn hard, play hard and inspire other potential leaders in our communities!’

Follow An’s journey:


Felix Fomengia

Country: Cameroon
University: University of Westminster
Course: Cyber Security and Forensics, MSc

‘Hello everyone, my name is Felix Fomengia. I am from Cameroon and am studying for an MSc in Cyber Security and Forensics at the University of Westminster. Chevening remains one of the most prestigious awards and a dream come true for me.

As an SMA, I am focussed on sharing my Chevening journey and life in the UK through my social media platforms. I remain very grateful for the opportunity to represent the Chevening brand.’

Follow Felix’s journey:


Hafsat Dauda

Country: Nigeria
University: University of Aberdeen
Course: Psychological Studies with Mental Health

‘I love writing and I write about absolutely everything! I can’t wait to update you all on my exciting journey on my blog and social media pages.

Chevening is about learning and experiencing positive changes in more ways than can be counted. Follow me as I explore the breath-taking highlands of Scotland and journey through the UK at large. Let’s visit history, try new foods and meet new people.

Writing with love from the beautiful Granite City and energy capital of Europe, Aberdeen!’

Follow Hafsat’s journey:


Irushi Tennekoon

Country: Sri Lanka
University: Royal College of Art, London
Course: MA Animation

‘As a self-taught artist and animator, I have always been passionate about documenting and sharing my creative process in the hope of inspiring others and learning by tracing my own steps. In my year as one of Chevening’s Social Media Ambassadors I hope to show you what it’s like to study at one of London’s most prestigious art schools and how learning happens both in and outside of class when you step out to explore the city’s vibrant art and culture.’

Follow Irushi’s journey:


Isabela Gomez Martinez

Country: Colombia
University: University of Sussex
Course: LLM in International Human Rights Law

‘I believe in access to education as a way to create development and transform the world. Scholarships are not unattainable. Real people like you and me earn them.

Chevening is a door for change.’

Follow Isabela’s journey:


James Faiumu

Country: Samoa
University: University of Essex
Course: MSc Accounting and Financial Management

‘Tālofa Lava!

My name is James Faiumu and I am thrilled to be selected as one of the SMAs this year.

Your network is your net worth and Chevening has allowed us a tremendous platform to network, connect and develop innovative ideas, lasting relationships, and ongoing growth in both professional and personal capacities. Make it count!

I look forward to experiencing the United Kingdom with you all. Fa’afetai lava!’

Follow James’s journey:


Janneille Morgan

Country: Jamaica
University: City University of London
Course: MSc Health Management

‘Hi everyone!

Being chosen for Chevening has provided me with a once in a lifetime opportunity to enhance my education and knowledge, network with people from across the globe and take on a whole new world. Follow my journey as I chronicle these new life experiences in the UK, make friends, travel and embrace new cultures. I hope my content will be an inspiration to you!’

Follow Janneille’s journey:


Jesús Ramírez Grajales

Country: Mexico
University: University of Warwick
Course: Educational Leadership and Management (MA)

‘I’m Jesús Ramírez Grajales from Mexico and I’m currently studying Educational Leadership and Management at the University of Warwick. I strongly believe in the Chevening community that is there to support you. As a SMA I want you to never feel alone and to feel like you have a friend who accompanies you on this new adventure, who inspires you to get up every morning so you can explore what it means to be a Chevening scholar.’

Follow Jesus’s journey:


Ketevan Goletiani

Country: Georgia
University: The London School of Economics and Political Science
Course: MSc Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

‘Becoming a Chevener is the highlight of my life, as this scholarship put me in a centre of excellence for education – UK and specifically London! But there is so much beyond top-notch education that this city has to offer. From incredible city lifestyle to vibrant culture, from rich history to fine food and exceedingly good times. I look forward to exploring and sharing this pure magic, hoping I can inspire more young people to become the next Cheveners!’

Follow Ketevan’s journey:


Luis Felipe Molina

Country: Colombia
University: Goldsmiths, University of London
Course: MA/MSc Digital Journalism

‘Hi! Hola!

Chevening is an open book written by amazing people every day. Great stories can pop up out of incredible journeys that open our minds to a diverse world. I am looking forward to sharing my experience as journalist with the stories that shape my course inside and outside the university premises. My journey will be shared in English and in Spanish, so come on up! Vamos!’

Follow Luis’s journey:


Priska Andini Putri

Country: Indonesia
University: University of Aberdeen
Course: Medical Physics

‘I’m thrilled to explore new places and share them on my social media. It is pleasant to be a part of the Chevening community. It opens a tremendous opportunity for me to visit new places I have never been to and experience a new culture in the UK.  Becoming a Social Media Ambassador is a privilege, and I’m eager to share my journey on my platform. I hope everyone can enjoy and be inspired by my Chevening journey.’

Follow Priska’s journey:


Sibongiseni Zondi

Country:  Eswatini
University: University of Salford
Course: MA Public Relations and Digital Communications

‘Dreams do come true, even for boys from little known villages like Sihhoye.

I’m excited to be here in Manchester, the city that has captured my imagination since I was a child, living my Chevening dream and also serving as one of your Social Media Ambassadors. I hope you can join me in this journey of fulfilling dreams, told through the eyes of an ordinary village boy on an extraordinary journey!’

Follow Sibongiseni’s journey:

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