Social media ambassadors

Chevening Social Media Ambassadors (SMAs) showcase what it’s like to be a Chevening Scholar by attending events and documenting their experiences of life in the UK.

SMAs show our community what it’s really like to study, travel, and live in the UK. They attend and share content from various social and academic Chevening events throughout the year. They also use videos, blogs, and social media posts to give us an insight into their day-to-day lives.

For 2023-24, 12 SMAs were selected. You can read more about them below.

You can also follow their journeys through the #MyCheveningJourney hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.

Esty Nadya Rafyanti

Country: Indonesia
University: The London School of Economics and Political Science
Course: MSc Media and Communications (Governance)

‘Embarking on my Chevening journey felt like opening a captivating book written by outstanding individuals daily. Becoming a Chevener has been the most thrilling chapter in my life, especially while studying in London! There’s more beyond the top-notch education. As your Chevening Social Media Ambassador, I’m excited to add fun and inspiration to your feeds. From the classroom to cultural exploration, I’ll show you how this scholarship has made my life an exciting adventure. Let’s celebrate diversity, embrace culture, and inspire the next Cheveners with #MyCheveningJourney!’

Follow Esty’s journey:


Evans Kingsford Eghan (a.k.a Evan Eghan)

Country: Ghana
University: Edinburgh Napier University
Course: MSc. Marketing With Festival and Event Management

‘Informally called Evan Eghan, I am an actor, director, and producer with film credits including  feature films, short films, TV commercials, and music videos. I am also a creative consultant. I am the founder and director of Accra Indie Filmfest, an annual international short film festival that focuses on showcasing and promoting independent, nonmainstream, and innovative films by emerging filmmakers globally. My dream is to help create a viable art and media system that will change the operational dynamics of African arts.’

Follow Evan’s journey:


""Haikaeli Gilliard

Country: Tanzania
University: Swansea University
Course: MSc Advanced Health and Care Management (Innovation and Transformation)

‘A pharmacist and curator from Tanzania, I am currently a 2023 Chevening Scholar pursuing my MSc in Advanced Health and Care Management (Innovation and Transformation) at Swansea University. I am also the Founder and Creative Director of Balcony Series, a community-driven edutainment platform dedicated to celebrating creativity, fostering community engagement, and transforming lives through art and culture. On the platform, they collaborate with artists and creatives for social impact projects, especially those related to the health and well-being of young people.

I am an avid reader who is also passionate about adventure and exploring from hiking, archery, travel, and trying different cuisines among many other things.’

Follow Haikaeli’s journey:



Hassan Hussain

Country:  Sudan
University:  Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Course: MSc Humanitarian Studies

‘I am thrilled to be a part of the Chevening community and delighted to be a Chevening Social Media Ambassador. I am excited to embrace the energetic vibes of Liverpool, a city that combines everything I love: culture, music, history, and good food. I am very excited to share my new experiences in Liverpool and throughout the United Kingdom with you all this year. I’m also looking forward to hearing about your adventures and experiences across this year.’

Follow Hassan’s journey:




Itumeleng Sebeho

Country: South Africa
University: University of Warwick
Course: MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship

‘Our dreams are meant to become our reality!

I am thrilled to be a Chevening Social Media Ambassador because I get to capture my journey through storytelling, networking, and travelling. What started out as voluntary work became my passion for entrepreneurship development. After researching youth entrepreneurship development, I realized there is still a lot of work to do. This opportunity will allow me to inspire the next generation of leaders to become problem-solvers while living their dreams.’

Follow Itumeleng’s journey:




John Michael Orimbo

Country:  Kenya
University: University of Birmingham
Course: MA Education (Inclusion and Disability)

‘I am a disability rights and inclusion policy expert and the Founder and CEO of Ability Focus Africa (AFA), a non-profit organization championing the rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs) across Africa. Currently, I serve as a consultant in the Youth Advisory Board at UNESCO and Children and Youth With Disabilities Advisory Board at UNICEF.

With over 15 years of experience spanning public, private, and civil sectors, previously I have held several roles such as Public Policy Advisor for the British Council’s Next Generation Kenya Project and the DRR Focal Point for the UN Major Group For Children & Youth. I am a passionate Youth Leader, Mentor, Environmentalist and SDGs Advocate, and am committed to fostering leadership, inclusive educational policy, and empowerment for future global leaders and the young populations.

Follow John’s journey:



María José Ruiz Rodríguez

Country:  Colombia
University:  University of Bath
Course: Gender and Politics

‘Many years ago, I started to pursue what I called a dream but now it is a reality. Being a Chevener will help us all achieve the goal of contributing to our countries and meeting a worldwide network that will become friends for life. Let’s follow each other, and remember that nothing is impossible; it needs tons of support and passion.’

Follow Maria’s journey:




Mikheil Goguadze

Country: Georgia
University: London School of Economics and Political Science
Course: MSc Media, Communication and Development

‘I’m a solution-oriented journalist and news producer. Studying in the UK, where the world’s media heartbeats can be heard best, has always been my goal. After one year of sleepless nights, hard work, and dedication, I’m ready to celebrate my personal success. Believe in yourself, do your best and you will succeed.

Being a Chevening Social Media Ambassador is an extraordinary honour. I’m excited to share my dream journey with you. I will put my best foot forward to inspire more young leaders, because without us significant changes cannot be made.’

Follow Mikheil’s journey:



Natasha Burnett

Country: Jamaica
University: Loughborough University London
Course: MA Global Communication and Social Change

‘Being a Chevening Scholar enables me to learn from a global network, add my voice to the discourse, and live in a cosmopolitan city with endless opportunities for me to explore the UK. Come along as we meet old and new friends and see renowned and hidden gems in cities and the countryside. Most importantly, as we make the most of this time, we will introduce our taste buds and hearts to diverse cuisines and cultures!’

Follow Natasha’s journey:





Sidhant Maharaj

Country:  Fiji
University:  Birkbeck, University of London
Course: MA Gender and Sexuality Studies

‘I feel honoured to be #ChosenForChevening. As a non-binary Indo-Fijian based in Central London, I’m thrilled to be one of your Social Media Ambassadors for the prestigious 2023-24 Chevening cohort.

I’m excited to take you along on this chapter as I explore new things and engage myself in adventure, exploration, and continual learning.

Follow me to see the UK through my eyes! With my journey, I wish to show you why you should be the next cohort of Cheveners!’

Follow Sidhant’s journey:



Syeda Maimoona

Country: Pakistan
University: London School of Economics and Political Science
Course: LLM

‘I am a foodie, nature lover, adventure lover, wanderer, and am fond of silly jokes. What is life without all that? I believe that smiles and happiness are infectious, they need to be spread and shared. I hope to bring smiles to everyone’s faces by sharing my Chevening journey and my adventures in the UK and beyond through my social media platforms. Buckle up and come along for the roller-coaster ride.’

Follow Syeda’s journey:




Yao Yutong

Country: China
University: UCL
Course: Social and Cultural Anthropology

‘I worked in China’s rural areas as a nonprofit worker, My aim is to improve living conditions of local residents and promote bottom-up changes. As a KOL, I also pay close attention to gender-equality and feminism development in Asian areas. I obbtained a postgraduate study in nonprofit management and am pleased to have started my anthropological study in UCL.’

Follow Yao’s journey:

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