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Five things we learnt about the life and works of Shakespeare

by Brian Osweta Otieno, Social Media Ambassador

On Monday, 18 March Chevening Scholars visited Stratford-upon-Avon to learn about the life and works of renowned English writer William Shakespeare. Below are five interesting things we learnt during the trip. Anne Hathaway’s cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon 1) Love-life William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway (26) when he was 18, in 1582. It was in the house […]

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UK events: April 2019

by Programme team – UK, Chevening Secretariat

London and the South East The Boat Race Sunday, 7 AprilRiver Thames, London Watch the historic Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race, which has taken place annually since 1829. The race is a contest between rowing crews from Oxford and Cambridge Universities and takes place on the River Thames in south-west London between Putney and Mortlake.  More information  […]

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Five amazing women who you might not have heard about

by Ekaterina Provornaya, Social Media Ambassador

Who shapes knowledge? How can I make the internet a better place? A group of Chevening Scholars delved into these questions during a Wikithon at the Wellcome Library. Led by the Wellcome Collection’s digital editors and a Wikipedia representative,  the session taught us  how to create and edit Wikipedia pages and, what is more, opened […]

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New octopus species named after Chevening

A newly discovered octopus species, found off the coast of South Korea, has been named after the Chevening Scholarships programme by the scientist who found it. South Korean Chevening Alumna Dr Aprille Phul decided to give the new octopus the Latin scientific name of Octopoda Chevenuss Scholarpod after spending a career-changing year studying in the […]

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Raising awareness of adverse childhood experiences in Jamaica

by Juleus Ghunta, Chevening Alumnus

Juleus Ghunta is an author, conflict resolution facilitator, and public speaker from Jamaica. As a 2017 Chevening Scholar, he earned an MA in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford, where he was awarded the Social Ambassador Prize for outstanding contribution to the Division of Peace Studies and International Development. His dissertation examined the causes and […]

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Chevening Alumni in Bulgaria inspire a new generation of leaders

The Bulgarian Chevening Association (BCA) is a vibrant group of Chevening Alumni based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since a re-launch in 2017, the group have been working hard to provide networking opportunities for their members and opportunities to inspire the next generation of young Bulgarians. The result of this hard work is a brand new initiative called […]

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Seven lovely sunrises/sunsets I’ve captured in the UK

by Chevening Scholars - Class of 2018,

Yes, it’s true that daylight hours in the UK can vary greatly based on location as well as time of year. They can lead to summer sunrises of 4am and winter sunsets of just after 3pm. One major advantage to this is, of course, the wonderful sunrises and sunsets that can be seen all across […]

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Tips for dealing with exam pressure

by Programme team – UK, Chevening Secretariat

If you are currently revising for or taking exams you may be feeling pressured. Here are a few tips to help you get through your exams:  1) Stay healthy, eat well, and exercise! It is vital that you don’t neglect your health during the exam period. You should try to eat a healthy balanced diet. […]

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Shaping the future with disruptive solutions

by Bettina von Stamm,

What are the buzzwords of our time? What is it that really matters to today’s leaders, change makers and innovators? Words like ‘sustainability’ and ‘disruptive solutions’ might seem overused, but the urgency behind them is very real. Whether it’s natural disasters, climate change, lack of access to water or forced displacement, it is clear that […]

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