The power of support: ‘My experience at the University of Bath’

For Chevening Scholar Hussein Mamorry, moving to the UK came with its fair share of challenges. But thanks to the unwavering support of the University of Bath's School of Management, it didn’t take long for him to settle in.

‘If you were to compile a list of challenges an international student might encounter when embarking on a postgraduate journey in the UK, perhaps it would include visa processing delays, late arrivals, and accommodation issues. Add in adjusting to a different learning environment, fitting in with classmates, and balancing academic demands with personal and professional commitments, and it’s enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed!

Yet, here I—Hussein—am, having faced all these challenges head-on.

Thanks to the unwavering support I received from the University of Bath’s MSc Sustainability and Management faculty, I not only overcame these challenges; I also emerged more resilient.

Aerial view of the University of Bath campus.

Despite having several years of work experience and having lived in multiple countries, returning to school with my family was a big and challenging move.

In a situation where seeking support from the relevant wellbeing department might seem like the wise course of action, I want to shine a light on the unique support I received from within my department/school – the kind you may not find listed on the website.

From the outset, I made a point to keep my Director of Studies and other team members informed about my circumstances. Their responses were not mere acts of ticking boxes; they were genuine expressions of care and encouragement.

As I anxiously awaited my visa and scrambled to arrange last-minute accommodation and schooling for my children, the remote correspondence with Bath’s School of Management team provided a lifeline. Their understanding and proactive assistance eased my worries and made me feel truly cared for.

After finally arriving at the University of Bath campus on the very last day of allowable registration, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my fellow students were also aware of my situation and ready to offer their support. Their understanding mirrored that of the faculty, creating a positive atmosphere that significantly contributed to my overall wellbeing.

The support didn’t stop there though. From providing details on anything I may have missed to offering extra consultations on accommodation and schooling, the guidance I received went above and beyond my expectations. On the academic front, the lecturers’ understanding and support allowed me to meet deadlines and not only fulfill course requirements but also find joy in the learning journey.

Reflecting on my experience, I wholeheartedly endorse using both university and school resources. Knowing who to reach out to, explaining your situation, and keeping them updated can make all the difference. And let’s not forget the importance of gratitude – acknowledging the support received and paying it forward to others in your community.

Some wise friend once told me that ‘communication is key’. Indeed, not just to navigate challenges but to garner support, foster resilience, and ultimately, achieve success. I have certainly found this to be the case at the University of Bath.

As I continue on my academic journey, I carry with me the invaluable lesson that in times of uncertainty, reaching out and connecting with others can make all the difference.’

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