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Six of the best glimpses of spring I’ve seen so far

by Chevening Scholars - Class of 2019,

In many cultures, spring represents rebirth, renewal, and hope. Spring is also about positivity and beauty – two things that feel especially important now. After a dark, cold, and long winter, glimpses of spring are always welcome and each year, scholars find their morale lifted greatly by these small changes to the weather and to […]

60 seconds with the international team

by Chevening,

What do all the different teams do at Chevening? To find out more about what one particular team does, we spoke to Rachel and Nora from the international team...

UK events in March

Scotland Glasgow Comedy Festival When: 12-29th March Where: Glasgow Back for its 18th year, this international comedy festival (the largest in Europe) promises huge laughs. Featuring film screenings, stand-up comics and witty plays at venues across the city, make sure to peruse the catalogue so as not to miss out! North West World’s Original Marmalade […]

Seven books that I am supposed to read this term

FACING THE FUTURE Kazhaw Rashid, Iraq ‘“How do I begin making a lasting change?” A question that has been haunting me for so long. This simple yet effective book helped me sort that out! It has a powerful message about the fear of change, and how to motivate people to face the future and take […]

Chevening interview tips from scholars

by Chevening,

Chevening interviews will soon begin around the world, and we wanted to give you some tips. Who better to ask than those who have been there, done that, and got the scholarship?

Longlists, shortlists, references, and interviews

by Programme team – international, Chevening Secretariat

Terms to know Reading Committees: Applications that pass the initial eligibility sift are reviewed by a Reading Committee, composed of a regional and an academic assessor. Longlists: Top scoring applications are added to a longlist, and are passed on to the relevant embassy or high commission (‘post’) for further review. Shortlists: From their longlist, posts […]

The Future of Autonomous Vehicles: A Q&A with Dr Marco Cecotti

by Nick Yap, Chevening Social Media Ambassador

We have all been there before. Stuck in the heart of a metropolitan city centre during the peak rush hour in gratuitous gridlock traffic. You dial-up the volume of the radio and hear the DJ discussing the latest news in technology, and ironically the topic of self-driving cars is brought up. You swear to yourself […]

Being gay in the Diplomatic Service: a personal account

‘The past is a foreign country’. That foreign country, which James Southern examines in this fascinating and challenging essay, is the one I lived in from 1968, when I joined Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service from university at the age of 21, until I left 35 years later. ‘So, Mr Wall, have you ever had any […]

Diplomats for equality march