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Was my Airbnb host a…witch?

by Samrat Choudhury, Independent Journalist and Author

In my defence, I had made the bookings in a rush. I was in London, and my India SIM card wasn’t working so I couldn’t get the one-time passwords required for online bookings. It was only at the last moment that the problem was resolved, and I did all my bookings in one go, afraid […]

Six of my best purchases so far

by Chevening Scholars - Class of 2019,

If you’re moving to the UK, your packing list will probably include a few key items which you will want to bring with you. Among these; your toothbrush, stuffed bear, comfortable walking shoes, all 312,441 items from your wardrobe, and one item of dry food that you know customs won’t take from you – as […]

When parallels meet

by Sevgi Kaymak, Communications Assistant

If you’ve watched the 1979 satirical British comedy, ‘Monty Python’s Life of Brian’, you will no doubt remember the scene in which Brian exclaims to a large audience, ‘You are all individuals’, and to which they respond (in unison), ‘Yes, we’re all individuals’. In 1979, it was probably easier to make a statement such as […]

Eleven of my first impressions of the UK

by Chevening Scholars - Class of 2019,

Almost exactly one year ago, we published a blog in October to kick start the class of 2018’s scholar blogs titled, ‘Fifteen first impressions of the UK’. A year on, with a new class of scholars, we wanted to find out again what the first impressions of the UK have been like for our new […]

‘We must always stay true to our values’ – Rita French at Chevening Orientation 2019

by Rita French, Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva and International Ambassador for Human Rights

Chevening Orientation 2019 marked the start of a challenging and exciting year for the 1,750-strong Chevening Scholarships class of 2019. It was an opportunity for them to meet and network with each other, prepare themselves for the year ahead, and take in the knowledge and advice of our illustrious keynote speakers. Rita French, the UK’s first ever international human rights ambassador, shared the following words of wisdom for our scholars…

Rita French - Chevening Orientation 2019 speech