On cloud nine: A Chevening Scholar’s guide to a sunny day in London

Current Chevening Scholar and Social Media Ambassador (SMA) Syeda Maimoona shares her top tips for how to spend a sunny day in London!

Syeda posing for a photo on a London street.‘Ah, London… The land of grey skies and perpetually damp umbrellas. But let me tell you, my friends, London has another side!

When I first landed in the UK back in September, I couldn’t help but wonder if the sun had taken a permanent vacation.

At first, I resented the lack of Vitamin D, but now I see the beauty in those moody grey clouds. Let’s be honest here, without the clouds and the rain, London would not feel like London.

That being said, when the sun does finally decide to make an appearance, it’s like winning the lottery without even buying a ticket. I feel like I’m on cloud nine.

And what do I do when the sun decides to be all smiley and generous to us Londoners? I indulge in my favourite pastime… pigeon feeding. Yes, you heard me right! There’s something oddly therapeutic about tossing breadcrumbs to these feathered friends in the park. It’s like therapy but with more cooing.

Hand held out feeding several pigeons.When I’m not communing with the pigeons, you can find me soaking up rays on the top floor terrace of my school, the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Why settle for a plain old classroom when you can turn your study sessions into sunbathing sessions? It’s multitasking at its finest – getting that golden glow while expanding your mind and drinking a nice cup of coffee. Take that, productivity gurus!

View of buildings from the LSE rooftop.Now, let’s talk about food. As a self-proclaimed foodie and aficionado of all things pastry-shaped, sunny days as a Chevening Scholar in London mean one thing: culinary exploration.

You’ll find me strutting through the streets of Covent Garden and Central London, nibbling on doughnuts and croissants like a pastry-powered superhero. Forget about saving the world; I’m here to save myself from bland breakfasts and tasteless treats!

And what’s a sunny day without a picnic?

Watching the weather app is mine and my friends’ favourite pastime as we plan picnics to parks we’ve yet to explore.

Top tip: if you’re looking for a sunny study spot, my favourite parks in London are Greenwich Park and Victoria Park.

On sunny days, another favourite pastime of my friends and me is to stroll around the River Thames.

Watch the birds, wave to the tourists as they sail by, and, of course, take lots of pictures with Tower Bridge, because no amount of pictures is ever enough with that magnificent backdrop.
So, there you have it, folks. London may be grey a lot of the time, but when the sun decides to shine, it’s worth the wait; it’s like watching the whole city come alive in technicolour.

So, grab your sunscreen fellow Chevening Scholars and join me in embracing London’s sunny side. After all, life’s too short to stay indoors.

Cheers to sunny days and endless adventures in the land of grey and gold!’

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