Chevening Alumna combats gender-based violence in Nigeria

2018 Chevening Alumna Sarah Egbo contributes to pioneering work towards the elimination of sexual and gender-based violence on higher education campuses in Nigeria.

Chevener Sarah Egbo was recently shortlisted for the Study UK Alumni Awards in Nigeria. She was recognised for her contribution towards the mission of creating safer educational spaces for women and girls in her home country.

In 2018 Sarah studied Gender and Development at the University of Sussex through Chevening. Motivated by a desire to address gender equality issues within the education sector, her Chevening experience equipped Sarah with the skills and insights necessary to make a difference in this field on her return home to Nigeria in 2020.

“Before I applied to Chevening, my interactions with Chevening Alumni had left a lasting impression on me. I admired the camaraderie and shared sense of purpose among Chevening Scholars, which inspired me to apply.


The expansive Chevening network has been instrumental in my professional journey, offering unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, networking, and mutual support.”

Sarah now works as Policy Lead at Gender Mobile Initiative, a Nigerian, female and youth-led non-governmental organisation, which advocates for system changes to create more equitable environments for women and girls. She spearheads the Campus Safety Initiative, a programme aimed at supporting Nigerian higher education institutions in addressing sexual violence through policy advocacy, technology adoption, bystander intervention, and preventative education. The project has so far positively impacted 150,000+ members of campus communities through sexual violence prevention and response efforts.

Sarah’s work is guided by the fundamental principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She and her team seek to contribute to the reduction and ultimate elimination of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), while promoting the rights and empowerment of women and girls in Nigeria and beyond.

The biggest challenge Sarah faces in her work is addressing deeply entrenched attitudes around SGBV prevalent within some higher education settings. A sustainable change in mindsets, behaviours and social norms requires a multi-faceted approach, and securing long-term commitment from institutions and stakeholders can be challenging. However, the positive impact that the Campus Safety Initiative has already achieved keeps Sarah motivated towards her mission.

“My message to fellow women climbing their career ladder is: Remember to extend a helping hand to women aspiring to follow in your footsteps. Embrace the role of mentorship and advocacy, and recognise that by lifting each other up, we propel the advancement of women in all fields.”


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