My experience as a Chevening Scholar at Queen Mary University of London

Thinking of studying in the UK but not sure which university is right for you? Chevening Alumnus Krishan Insan shares what it was like to complete his master’s at Queen Mary University of London.

Are you hoping to study in the UK one day?

With so many universities to choose from, it can be hard to decide which university is right for you.

Luckily, Chevening Alumnus Krishan Insan is on hand to share his experiences of what it was like to study an LLM in comparative and international dispute resolution at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

What was it like to complete your master’s at QMUL?

‘Each day at Queen Mary was very special to me.

I received tremendous support to make each day full of learning and new opportunities.

During my master’s, the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) ensured I got exposure to all kinds of arbitration matters and events in both the UK and the EU.

I was even sponsored by CCLS and the Vice Principal’s office to travel to the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels for specialist training.

As Co-Course Reps, we also organised one of the most successful events of Arbitration Fraternity at the While and Case in London.’

How did being a Chevening Scholar enrich your experience?

‘I can certainly say that Chevening is not just a scholarship; it is an experience of a lifetime.

You’re a scholar for a year, but you’re a Chevener for life.

My journey as a Chevening Scholar and QMUL student commenced long before I landed in London.

It all started with a delicious British dinner with His Excellency at the British High Commission in India, followed by a well-curated pre-departure briefing by QMUL in Delhi. We were then welcomed with a grand orientation event in London; it was a proud moment to represent my country along with scholars from 141 other nationalities.

To the best of my knowledge QMUL was one of the few universities to host a ’Scholars Reception’ and it was a great way to connect with global scholars. We had a wonderful orientation week in the beautiful canal side Mile End Campus of QMUL, followed by some amazing monthly Chevening events and sleepless nights in QMUL main library. Midnight hangouts at London Bridge after three-hour long lectures in the late evening also made for some unforgettable memories.’

Can you describe your career path to date?

‘I am presently working with the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas at the Government of India.

Prior to this I worked with India’s second largest national oil company, which is also one of the oldest oil exploration companies in Asia.

I have worked in the industry for almost one and a half decades and have been invited to speak at various leadership events, conferences, and round table discussions across countries.’

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering the course you studied and Queen Mary?

‘I might sound too mechanical, but I will strongly recommend to the prospective students to know your subject before you land in the classroom.

Knowing your subject will help you to participate in the classroom and see the larger picture. The confidence you will gain from your past knowledge, coupled with classroom interaction, will place you in a better position in the networking events.

In the later part of the program, work on a thesis of your choice and in the area in which you look forward to practice.

A one-year masters in the UK runs very fast; you will not have an opportunity to go slow, so come prepared!’

How have you stayed in touch with the connections you made in the UK?

‘I joined the Chevening Alumni Alliance’s Sustainability Network as Co-Chair in 2020.

Then, in 2021, I was invited by the Queen Mary Centre for Commercial Law Studies Alumni Team to be part of the India Chapter Committee. We officially launched the CCLS India Chapter on the Constitution Day of India later that year.

I am also part of the global alumni team of Chevening. As part of this, I had the opportunity to host a global conference on health, which was sponsored by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

I am privileged to be connected with my alma mater and to be able to add my two cents.’

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