Chevening Fellow urges cultural sector to lead the fight against climate change

Eduardo Carvalho emphasises the pivotal role of the arts in addressing climate change.

Calling on the arts sector to support the fight against climate change

Many cultural institutions recognise that we are in a state of climate emergency, but Chevening Fellow Eduardo Carvalho believes the arts sector can do more to engage people with climate challenges. He says:

“We need to consider how the arts can contribute to a greater understanding of the urgency of preserving our planet.”

Eduardo urges cultural institutions to prioritise climate-related activities, highlighting the severity of the crisis and exploring potential solutions. Since his Chevening Fellowship, Eduardo has been actively promoting this cause in Brazil.


How is Chevening helping Eduardo in his mission?

Eduardo saw the Chevening Clore Leadership Fellowship as a chance to enhance his skills in the arts and culture sector.

He embarked on the tailored leadership programme, connecting with a diverse cohort from around the world.

“During my time as a Clore Fellow, I had the opportunity to connect with individuals from the UK and other countries, which broadened my knowledge and perspectives.”

In the UK, Eduardo worked at Somerset House, a leading cultural institution in London. There, he began to explore the intersection of culture and climate change.

The most significant impact of the fellowship for Eduardo was realising the cultural sector’s potential to address the climate crisis. It confirmed his belief in the transformative power of the arts in addressing global challenges. We’re looking forward to following his work to inspire a new wave of cultural activism against climate change.

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