The Chevening Alumni Association of Ghana was officially launched on 10 February 2016. Sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth through the Chevening Alumni Programme Fund (CAPF) and hosted by the British High Commissioner to Ghana, HE Jon Benjamin, the association launch sought to bring together alumni of the Chevening programme since its inception in 1983, and to serve as a platform to formally inaugurate the executive committee and advisory board members of the association.

Over 100 alumni attended the event which was on the theme of Leadership, Governance and Democracy. The reception saw the formal inauguration of the executive committee and advisory board members of the association, and further provided a platform for networking amongst alumni and with senior representatives of private and public organisations in the country, with the aim of promoting and extending partnerships and fostering business related opportunities.

Honourable guests included the Minister of Defence (Chevening Alumnus, class of 1996) who shared his thoughts on the programme and spoke insightfully on the topics of governance and leadership and noted how the Chevening programme had marked his career. Dr Renee Morhe, alumna and Vice Dean at the Law Faculty at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, touched on how Cheveners form an integral part of policies and decision-making, and how the association as a unit, would contribute to national development based on the collective expertise and knowledge gained through the respective programmes undertaken by each alumnus.

The high commissioner expressed his delight towards the increased number of scholarships being awarded, with a year on increase, from three to 20 awards allocated to Ghanaian scholars in 2015. He was also very enthusiastic about the growing network and the commitment to fostering closer links with alumni members, in addition to working with the active network to further contribute to Ghana’s continued development. He championed the promotion of development by advocating the association and its members to serve as a policy think-tank, offering constructive suggestions to policy makers.

The Chevening Alumni group collectively will continue to serve as ambassadors of the Chevening brand, promoting the prestigious scholarship scheme nationwide, fostering strategic partnerships, and to help to further create opportunities for returning scholars.

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