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The Chevening community extends to all corners of the globe. Here is the latest news on what is going on in the Chevening network, and blogs from members of our community.

Working to bring sustainable energy to rural Nigeria

Yetunde Fadeyi is a new alumna, part of the class of 2019. REES Africa is an initiative she co-founded to help improve energy access in rural parts of Nigeria. Here she tells us about her inspirations for setting up REES, the challenges she faced, and her hopes for the future. REES Africa (Renewable Energy & […]

From Chevening Scholar, to working for the Foreign Office

Viorela Mihai left the British Embassy in Bucharest at the end of July this year, to start a new role coordinating the marketing department of a Romanian television channel. Here she tells us about her path from Chevening Scholar to working for the FCO (now the FCDO), and how the journey has shaped her. At the […]

The battle against COVID-19 misinformation

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly every walk of life – but one of the biggest battlefronts has been online. The lack of concrete guidance and understanding about COVID-19 has created the perfect conditions for rumours and fake news to spread. This was something that began to be of increasing concern to Tan Su Lin, […]

Using Uber to bring food and cleaning packages to the vulnerable of Costa Rica

Figuring out how to protect vulnerable people in society from the worst of the pandemic has been a global concern in the past months. Many, particularly the elderly and children, have been advised to remain completely behind closed doors, presenting the problem of how to safely procure food. Cristina Gutierrez is a Chevening Alumna (2017-2018) […]