How are partnerships funded?

There are a variety of funding models for partnership awards. Partner universities most commonly offer a full tuition fee waiver with the FCO covering allowances, stipend, travel, engagement and enrichment programme as well as all other administration costs. For private sector organisations, contributions often take the form of a fixed sum of either a flat […]

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How are Chevening scholars selected?

All Chevening applications undergo a rigorous review and selection process: Applications are first sifted and checked by the Chevening Secretariat in London against initial eligibility criteria such as degree qualifications, work experience, English language ability, etc. Applications are then individually reviewed by independent reading committees who score applications against FCO, Chevening, and regional objectives, and […]

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When will I receive my final award letter?

Your FAL will be issued after you have submitted all of the necessary documents and after we have received confirmation of your course details directly from the university. Your FAL will then be processed by our international team who will send it on to your embassy/high commission for confirmation. Please be patient as you wait […]

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