Master’s courses in the UK typically last for one year, which is shorter than many other countries. Whilst this means they are intense learning periods, it also means you can return to family and work life sooner, and start applying what you have learned.

One year really can change your life. Master’s courses in the UK typically last for one year, which is shorter than many other countries. This means that master’s degrees are challenging and intensive, but UK universities provide a stimulating and supportive environment for students to flourish, whilst developing skills. There are many reasons why undertaking a one-year master’s degree in the UK will benefit you:

Benefits of choosing a master’s in the UK

  • You can save time by resuming your career a year earlier than if you were on a two-year course.
  • If you have family or other commitments, it reduces the time that you are away compared to a two-year course.
  • Master’s degrees undertaken in the UK are highly regarded by employers, as UK universities are highly rated.
  • Nearly half a million international students choose to study in the UK each year. Meet the world in the UK.
  • Combined with world-class teaching and facilities, student satisfaction rates are almost at 90% for international students.
  • There is an incredible variety of courses on offer, and within those courses you can normally choose modules that interest you.

Two scholars

Stand out from the crowd

A strong master’s degree from a UK university will help you stand out in your home country, compared to your peers. Studying for a master’s degree abroad will give you the chance to develop interpersonal skills for your career, it will broaden your thinking, bring you into contact with interesting people, and spark new ideas. As a result, you should emerge a more rounded person and a more skilled professional.

stand out from the crowd

Life after your course

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, 86% of students who completed a postgraduate master’s in the UK were in full-time employment following graduation.

The success of studying in the UK holds strong with our growing alumni. Many have gone on to become leaders and innovators, and they form a global network that you can tap into. Your university will almost certainly have an alumni engagement team enabling you to stay in touch with your university no matter where life takes you.

The reality is that, because UK universities are so international, wherever you travel in the world, you are almost certain to find other people who have studied in the UK – and maybe even at your university. These broad and deep connections are often how doors open and opportunities arise later on in life. One year really can change your life.


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