How the University of Hull supports students to increase their employability

From mentoring programmes to award programmes, find out how the University of Hull can help you increase your employability and achieve your career goals.

If you choose to study in the UK on a Chevening Scholarship, it’s not just a world-class education you’ll come away with.

UK universities offer lots of support to help you level up your career plans and stand out from other candidates.

Read on to find out about the different kinds of career support the University of Hull offers, from the perspective of international student Thu Loan Nguyen.

Thu Loan is an MA TESOL student at the University of Hull and a UK Council for International Student Affairs student ambassador.

Career consultants

‘Several things in the UK, including the recruitment process, were new to me as an international student.

It would be ordinary in my home country to include details like a photo, date of birth, or place of birth in a CV, but that is different in the UK. Only when I had my first appointment with a staff member from the University of Hull Student Futures team did I realise that such personal information is unnecessary and somewhat discouraging.

The appointment confirmed my suspicion that justice and fairness are crucial factors in the UK recruiting process. All applicants will be fairly evaluated, and recruiters will select successful candidates based on the candidate’s knowledge of the industry, experience in related roles, and talents.

For people who are looking for a job both during and after their studies, this knowledge is of great help.’

Hull Employability Award

‘Out of all the opportunities for University of Hull students to develop themselves professionally, this is truly a worthwhile programme.

By obtaining the award, students can enhance their profile and CV, as they will have acquired several transferrable skills that companies and employers value.

Students must complete three main requirements to receive the Hull Employability Award, starting with participating in at least three activities (such as volunteering, doing a part-time job, or attending career development workshops at school) and ending with a mock interview with staff who have extensive experience preparing students for such an environment.

I recently completed the second stage in which I needed to submit my CV. I developed a clear, accurate, and relevant CV thanks to the team at Student Futures’ honest and constructive feedback, which I might not have got elsewhere.

Writing a solid CV is a crucial skill that would stand me in good stead in future job applications.’


‘This programme is of great benefit to students, as it allows them to connect with former Hull students working in the same or a related industry. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to gain more insight into the job market and acquire in-demand skills from people who have strong ties to Hull University and a rich knowledge in the field.

For instance, my mentor taught me how to create a strong LinkedIn profile, which many people overlook. The first time I looked at my mentor’s profile on LinkedIn, I was impressed. Each line of work he had completed was clearly stated and complemented by his skills and accomplishments.

Having a mentor can also be a great way to build confidence since you get to work closely with people you have never met before.

I would recommend the e-mentoring programme to anyone as a great way to develop themselves both personally and professionally.’

For more information about the University of Hull and our other partner universities, visit the Chevening partners page.

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