Chevening Scholarships will be relaunched in Oman, as announced by Jonathan Wilks, the British Ambassador to the sultanate, earlier this month.

The programme will be launched in partnership with a number of British businesses active in Oman, Wilks said at a reception held at his residence celebrating the uniquely close friendship between the two countries on the 45th anniversary of the Omani Renaissance.

‘The value of this programme in building links between future leaders in UK and Oman is well known. I am delighted that it will once again play an important part in strengthening relations between our two countries. In particular I want to thank BAE Systems for pioneering this re-launch through their generous sponsorship. And we look forward to the participation of other British business sponsors in this exciting new initiative’, the ambassador said.

Matt Foster, general manager for BAE Systems in Oman, said:

‘Having supported Chevening Scholarships in Malaysia, we felt that the programme would be perfect for Oman so, following our recommendations, we are pleased that the British ambassador is making it a reality.’

‘By sponsoring Chevening Scholarships, BAE Systems will play a key role in ensuring that Oman’s future leaders have the right skills and experience to be able to take the country to the next level’, Foster said. ‘From our Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics (STEM) schools programmes through to sponsoring students through their Master’s degrees, we are committed to inspiring and educating a new generation of leaders in Oman.’

In relation to the 45th anniversary of the Omani Renaissance, the British ambassador said that the friendship between Oman and the UK is more than just a friendship between two governments.

‘It is between two peoples. It is based on loyalty and commitment and delivers benefits for both countries’ security, prosperity and influence. I hope this event will in a small way help to highlight the continued importance of this remarkable partnership now and in the years to come’, he concluded.

Jonathan Wilks, British Ambassador to Oman
Business guests in attendance


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