Chevening Alumna Dinara Dultaeva from Uzbekistan studied at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies in 2009. Following her degree, her long-held dream of creating a company that contributed to showcasing her home to the world came true. Inspired by her course at Cardiff, she started a publishing house, Dinara & Co. It focuses on high-end books about culture, arts, people, industries, and more. It also produces multimedia products, virtual reality, and mobile applications—all to promote Uzbekistan.

The latest book produced by Dinara & Co is a stylish photobook, in both English and Russian, called 10 reasons to visit Uzbekistan, which promotes the tourism aspect of Uzbekistan. To celebrate the launch, and in honour of Dinara’s links to the UK, the company produced a VIP version of the book in a presentation case and sent it to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, last August.

Much to her surprise, Dinara and her team were honoured to receive a personalised thank you letter from Buckingham Palace for the gift, expressing good wishes for the development of the cultural interchanges between the two countries. With 18 February 2017 marking the 25th anniversary of the official diplomatic relationship between the UK and Uzbekistan, this was a perfect gift.

The authors were ecstatic about the letter and said ‘We did not expect to get such a warm response in response to our gift. We wanted to take another step on the road to promote the image of Uzbekistan and its culture abroad. We are very pleased that Her Majesty and thousands of British readers saw exactly a magnificent, mysterious, and incredibly attractive Uzbekistan. We continue to work so more people could rediscover Uzbekistan and see it from a totally different side.’

The book has been a hit, not just at Buckingham Palace, but also at the World Book Fair in Frankfurt. It is now sold in Daunt Books in London and Neues Deutschland in Berlin.

So what are the 10 reasons to visit Uzbekistan? They include:

  • Trace Marco Polo’s Caravan Route
  • Visit the Uzbek Alps
  • Discover a Gourmet Heaven
  • Experience Wine Making
  • Get inspired from the Arts

To see what the other five reasons are and to find out more about the book, visit

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