Can you put me in touch with other scholars and fellows?

Due to data protection law, we are unable to give out personal contact details of Chevening Scholars and/or Fellows. However, there will be several instances where you can meet other scholars and fellows, including at your in-country pre-departure briefing, and at various events once you arrive in the UK. 

Why do you need my biography? (applies to Chevening Fellows only)

As experts in your respective fields, we would like to support you in any potential engagement activities outside your fellowship, while you are in the UK. As such, we would like to publish your biography on the relevant fellowship programme page of the Chevening website. If you do not wish for your biography to be […]

I’m using Gmail. Why am I not receiving the Scholargram?

Gmail has a filtering system which sometimes filters out emails from Chevening. 🙁 It will occasionally filter some emails from Chevening (including the Scholargram), but not all! We’ve put together a guide which provides help for the two most common ways that emails from Chevening go astray – follow the steps below to ensure that […]

What if my work experience is not related to the course I want to study?

We accept work experience from any field. However, if your course choices are not related to your work experience, you will need to explain why you are seeking to make a career change. Note the transferable skills you have gained from your current field of work and how they will help you in your studies […]