Financial Services Fellows

Prajakta Mony

Head of Customer Insights for Jana Urban Services for Transformation

In her current position, Prajakta devises customer-centric strategies for financial and economic inclusion using data analytics. She felt compelled to apply for a Chevening Financial Services Fellowship as it would allow her to interact with the brightest minds in the financial services sector and give her first-hand experience of the UK, the birth place of financial innovation. During her time here, she hopes to gain an intuitive sense of how financial services have evolved, spotting the trends and responses to them as well as networking within academia and with experts in financial inclusion.

Harini Sivasankaran

National Head at Citibank Bancassurance at Tata AIA Life Insurance

In her current role, Harini leads the Citibank business channel for Tata AIA. This lead role involves the sales, profitability metrics and new initiatives of the company. Of her upcoming time here in Britain, Harini is keen to learn more about the financial services domain and she feels that this programme will give her a unique global perspective. Besides increasing her exposure to UK and European financial services, Harini is looking forward to interacting with teachers and fellows in the programme. 

Shanteshwar Swami

Deputy Director of Income Tax at the Ministry of Finance, Government of India

Shanteshwar’s current role sees him conducting search actions in tax evasion cases which are referred to him by the relevant intelligence units. He was motivated to apply for this fellowship as a way of increasing his adaptability. Due to the ever advancing technology and knowledge in his field, Shanteshwar feels that this fellowship will give him the skills needed to stay ahead of the game in this regard. Whilst here he hopes to obtain an international level of exposure in the finance field which will hopefully give him new ideas to convince people to pay taxes. He’s also looking to new friends and new memories for life.

Phanindra Sama

Self-employed angel investor

As an angel investor Phanindra often finds himself mentoring, advising, and investing in start-ups in India. He describes how he joined the Financial Services fellowship because he actually has an engineering background and so wanted to have a more in-depth knowledge of the financial services. He is also curious about the start-up ecosystem here in London. Talking about his time here, he hopes to hold start-up meetings with likeminded individuals to allow discussions and the exploration of ideas.

Jimmy Patel

CEO at Quantum Asset Management Co Pvt Ltd

As the CEO at Quantum Asset Management, Jimmy’s role is to facilitate and guide the business unit leaders in formulating a new strategic vision and direction. He also liaises with financial regulators. He was motivated to apply for the Financial Services fellowship as he wishes to have an overview of how financial services are run in the developed markets. With this knowledge behind him, he hopes to then implement these best practise methods back in India. He specifically hopes to gain insights into the UK and EU financial services markets. He is also hoping to find out why few UK asset managers have set ups in India.