Petrofund is a Trust Fund established by the Namibian Government whose main aim is to build capacity for the oil and gas sector in Namibia in order to ensure that the country has the necessary skills to sustain the operations of the industry in the event of a major hydrocarbon discovery.

The Chevening-Petrofund partnership offers scholarships to two outstanding Namibian candidates who are willing and prepared to serve the Namibian oil and gas industry upon completion of their studies.

The degree programmes supported by the partnership are as follows:

  • University of Aberdeen: MSc Petroleum Data Management
  • University of Aberdeen: MSc. Environmental pollution & Remediation
  • University of Aberdeen: LLM Law and Economics of the Oil and Gas Industry
  • University of Aberdeen: LLM Oil and Gas Law with Dissertation
  • University of Aberdeen: LLM International Oil and Gas Law & Policy
  • University of Aberdeen: MSc/LLM. Law and Economics of the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Robert Gordon University: MSc IT for the Energy Industry
  • Robert Gordon University: Msc Oil and Gas Accounting and Finance
  • Robert Gordon University: MSc Cybersecurity
  • University of Southampton: MSc Marine Geology
  • Abertay University: MSc Oil and Gas Accounting and Management
  • Liverpool John Moores: MSc Maritime Operations
  • Liverpool John Moores: MSc Port Management
  • University of Manchester: MSc Corrosion Control Engineering
  • University of Central Lancashire: MSc Fire and Rescue Management
  • Glasgow Caledonian University: MSc Environmental Management (Waste, Energy, Water, Oil and Gas)
  • University of Dundee: International Petroleum Taxation and Finance (distance learning) LLM

The scholar experience

“The Chevening-Petrofund award helped me to focus on my studies without any financial stress. It was a great experience to pursue my master’s degree in the United Kingdom.

“This journey helped to advance my knowledge in the Petroleum industry and shape my career. The award also exposed me to a greater network of passionate young leaders from around the world.  I am so much indebted to Petrofund for funding my degree.”

Wilka Embula studied MSc Oil & Gas Chemistry from 2018 to 2019 at the University of Aberdeen as the Chevening-Petrofund Scholar