‘You don’t have to be a tech person to apply’: Angelina Stanojoska on the Chevening Cyber Security Fellowship

Applications for the Chevening Western Balkans Cyber Security Fellowship are open until 6 March 2024. University professor Angelina Stanojoska shares her experience on the programme.

The Chevening Western Balkans Cyber Security Fellowship was an inspirational journey for me.

It helped me to explore parts of my professional self that I didn’t even know existed, showed me new research areas, and highlighted to me the potential of the work I could do in gender and cyber.

One of the best things about the fellowship is that it is designed for everyone to be able to learn about cyber, even if you’re not a ‘tech person’. The programme provides the opportunity to interact with professionals, experts, and peers from a range of diverse professional backgrounds.

My fellow cohort are now an important part of my professional network. I also have access to the wider Chevening Alumni network, which gives me the opportunity to build new connections, broaden my perspectives, and find collaborators for future projects, research, and other activities.

Now that I’m back home in North Macedonia, my plan is to further explore and research gender-based violence in cyberspace.

Through workshops and seminars, students and the wider population will learn how to protect themselves, recognise online threats and abuse, and feel empowered to report such events. For 2024, together with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, we have a plan to organise a conference where experts and practitioners will talk about gender-based violence in cyberspace, and challenges and future steps in suppressing and preventing this criminal behaviour.

This is just a glimpse of future projects and publications that I plan to create using the knowledge I gained during my Chevening Fellowship, which I’m thankful for. To anyone out there considering applying to the fellowship: you will gain many new friends during it, you will learn a lot of new things, build experience, and develop your professional growth.

The Chevening Western Balkans Cyber Security Fellowship is open for applications until 6 March 2024. Apply today to boost your career in cyber security.

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