Two months ago, alumni from 12 Central and South East European nations, plus guests from London, gathered in Zagreb for the opening of a two and a half day regional conference organised by Chevening Alumni Hrvatska (Croatia).

This conference was the outcome of a successful bid to the Chevening Alumni Project Fund (CAPF). Around 60 alumni participated in the conference over the course of the two and a half days, with an overall aim to strengthen ties and build cooperation among the countries in the region.

The hosts created a programme that promoted debate, discussion, learning, and enjoyment. The second and third days of the conference were spent in the beautiful seaside town of Opatija.

Read Dr Zoltan Csedo’s insightful blog to find out more about the conference and its outcomes.

Which countries’ alumni participated?

Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Hertzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, UK (Cheveners in the UK)

What was discussed?

There were updates from each country representative on what alumni activities were currently happening in that country, challenges, and where they wanted to be. SWOT analysis helped each representative to critically assess their alumni group’s successes and areas for improvement.

The highlight was a discussion on how to collaborate regionally to bring about positive changes on country and regional levels.

Find out more

If you are inspired by this venture and are interested in developing a similar concept for your region, contact the Chevening Alumni association in Croatia to find out more.