Six library spots I’ve learned to call  home

A scholar who doesn’t spend half of their life in the library? Well, that’s not a scholar at all!

During their studies, our scholars all have a close and personal relationship with libraries and no doubt, all have a spot they eventually learn to call home and during the dissertation period, most of them probably spend more time there than home anyway. Here are a selection of library spots that six scholars have learned to call home over the last year!


University of Edinburgh Law Library

University of Edinburgh’s Law Library holds the bulk of the university’s law collections with a specialism in Scottish, UK, international and Commonwealth law. The library will soon be moving from the David Hume Tower to the Old College.

Chandra Irawan, Indonesia

‘My favourite spot to study is at the right corner of DHT computer library in University of Edinburgh central campus. This spot has large windows in front and on the right side that overlook the campus’s park and courtyard. I like to study here because it makes me stress-free and if I feel tired studying, then I can just look outside at the greenery and blue sky which refreshes my mind.

This is a public library so I usually come in a bit early in the mornings to secure my “precious” spot – especially during exam periods and whilst writing my dissertation when I voluntarily glue myself here.’


Oxford Union Library

Surrounded by Pre-Raphaelite murals painted by artists including William Morris and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the Oxford Union Library originally started as the Society’s debating chamber before becoming a library. Visitors are able to explore the library and view the murals during library opening times for a small fee.

Amira Kaadan, Syria

‘The library in the Oxford Union is my favourite place to study. It has a majestic feeling with its murals painted during the 1850s. The place is so peaceful and grounding that it makes me calmer and ready to tackle a difficult reading. I love this place and its ceilings. It is definitely worth a visit!’


Philip Robinson Library, Newcastle University

The main campus library of Newcastle University, the Philip Robinson Library was named in 1989 after a bookseller in the city and benefactor to the library.

Farid Adilov, Azerbaijan

‘Going to library in the early morning with a refreshed brain makes you think about your future life, career and plans. I always study at Phillip Robinson Library, Newcastle University and always think about these questions. 

The library is a place where I feel comfortable, productive and focus on my reading. While reading I can also produce, compare and contrast these ideas that benefit not only oneself but also the wider community.’


Sir Duncan Library, University of Aberdeen

Made of 22,000 tonnes of concrete, 2,200 tonnes of steel, 760 glass panels, 4,700 lights and 24 kilometres of shelving, the Sir Duncan Rice Library at the University of Aberdeen was officially opened by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 2012. Open to the wider public as well as students of the university, you can expect to find a gallery, an events area, and a multimedia room here as well as other excellent facilities.

Mohammed Abdelgadir Mohammed, Sudan

‘My favourite spot on the second floor of Sir Duncan Rice Library – I love it because it is quiet and I can always find a free PC there. Also, I can meet some of my friends and classmates there so we can discuss some of the interesting topics we study.’


Bill Bryson Library, Durham University

The Bill Bryson Library at Durham University comprises 1200+ study spaces for students of the university whilst also holding the Meissen Library Collection which is the largest gathered, German-language collection of theology in Britain. The library also includes three major documentation collections including the Middle East Documentation Unit, British Official Publications, and European Documentation Centre.

Daphine Ampumuza, Uganda

‘My home in the Bill Bryson Library at Durham University. Right here, time stops. In this space, I have developed my grit and my favourite academic ideas. Right here, I harnessed them. My toughest moments were in this space and greatest joys were seeing these ideas come to fruition in the form of finished essays. This space has been a dependable friend to me.’


C.S. Lewis Reading Room, Queen's University Belfast

The McClay Library at Queen’s University in Belfast has many interesting areas but one in particular, is recognisable by scholars worldwide as it is the C.S. Lewis Reading Room which comes complete with quotations etched into glass, a table with the magical Narnia map, a carpet based on Narnia and exceptionally, a replica of the Wardrobe door from the feature film, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as the entrance door to this room.

Faisal Rachman, Indonesia

‘My daily view from the C.S. Lewis Reading Room of the McClay Library at Queen’s University Belfast. The reading room is named after one of Belfast’s most prominent sons known worldwide as the author of, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I always enjoy studying on the roundtable here with the map of Narnia on it and with C.S. Lewis quotes all over the walls and books in the surrounding shelves. Outside of the window, you can see the main campus building which was built in 1845 – 100 years prior to the independence of my country.’

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