The first thing that (usually) pops to mind when someone mentions the UK is the weather. Well, we put that to one side and wanted you to show us the one thing you thought Cheveners should definitely do whilst in the UK and we selected five that we thought were definitely worth doing! So, feel free to add these ‘five things you should definitely do whilst in the UK’ to your bucketlists.


New Haven Seafront

The charming town of Newhaven is based on the south coast of England in Sussex. Aside from its seafront, Newhaven also has two marinas and a fort to explore.

Cynthia Chisangano, Zambia

‘Coming from Zambia which is a landlocked country, after meeting deadlines, visiting the seaside in Newhaven seafront was a must and I couldn’t have forgiven myself if I returned to Zambia without enjoying the cool breeze from the sea waters on a sunny afternoon. Thank you Chevening!’


One Canada Square

The UCL School of Management offers postgraduate degrees from their 38th floor location at One Canada Square at the heart of the financial sector in Canary Wharf.

Makhyan Jibril  Al Farabi, Indonesia

‘If you seek the true beauty of London, you should go to the tops of buildings in London like the 38th floor of One Canada Square and watch the sunset colouring the River Thames and City of London beautifully. It is so mesmerizing as if we are looking at the gates of heaven.’


Rosslyn Chapel

Built in the mid-15th century, Rosslyn Chapel is based in Midlothian, Scotland and was a prominent feature of Dan Brown’s bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code (2003) where it was tied to the The Knights Templar and The Holy Grail.

Paola Munoz, Bolivia

‘I’m not sure if everyone is aware of Rosslyn Chapel but I went there with a fellow Chevener and couldn’t believe all the details and history. I was completely amazed and felt like I was travelling in time. They say winter is the worst season to go but I’m not so sure. For me, the snow just gave it an extra magical touch.’


Cornish in Cornwall

On the southwestern tip of England is Cornwall which aside from being a beautiful part of the UK, is well known worldwide for Cornish pasties. Cornwall hosts the World Pasty Championships each year with hundreds of entrants vying to take the prestigious title.

Laura Simonyan, Armenia

‘You should definitely try Cornish pasties and Cornish beer in front of the breath-taking views of the Cornish docks! I took this photo in Falmouth, where I stayed after the Chevening event, “Best of British Presents…Cornwall”. The event was organized right in the middle of the exam preparation period and to be honest, I hesitated a lot before accepting the offer of participation as I was afraid to fail my exams. However, that was one of the most rewarding decisions I have taken so far whilst being in the UK. Cornwall is a must visit destination and it becomes more amazing when you are with Cheveners. This photo brings back the positive emotions and memories of sitting under the warm sunshine with 2 other Chevener friends and enjoying Cornish pasty and beer with Cornish scenes and spirit.’


Brighton Beach

Another popular southern coast location is Brighton. With an estimated 614,600,000 pebbles on this beach, visitors can attempt to create pebble-castles.

Batzolboo Bayar, Mongolia

‘It is a myth that the weather is always bad in the UK. Visit the sunny Brighton Beach where the stillness of daytime seaside mixes with the funky fun of night time. Feel the cool breeze coming off the sea. Enjoy the traditional local food of fish and chips.’

Thank you to all of our scholars who submitted pictures and stories to this theme. Details of future themes can be found in your June Scholargram.

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