At Chevening, we are very proud to be teaming up with our partners at the Marshall, Fulbright and Commonwealth scholarship programmes to encourage our communities to take climate action in 2021, the year the UK holds the presidency for the COP26 climate conference. The climate crisis affects us all, and together we can take action. Together we can protect our planet for future generations, but only if we act now. 


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What can you do? 

We are asking all of our scholars, alumni and partners to consider what they can do to tackle climate change in 2021, and to pledge some specific action that they will complete by the end of the year. You can make your climate pledge using this form, which is available at

We know that many in our communities are already experts in sustainability and climate, and many of you work in this area. You can pledge activity that you are already taking, or think of something new! We encourage you to be ambitious but realistic. 

Suggested pledges 

We encourage you to make pledges which align with the priority areas for the COP26 climate conference. These include: 

Clean road transport: if you are buying a new vehicle this year, why not pledge to go electric? Alternatively, you could pledge to walk, cycle or use public transport where you would normally drive. If you run a business, you could pledge to work with suppliers to use electric vehicles to transport goods where possible. 

Energy transition: what kind of energy does your home or office use? Could you pledge to change energy provider to a provider that uses only renewable energy?  

Finance: where does your money go? Do you have a pensions fund or a saving account, and do you know where that money is being invested? Perhaps you could pledge to ask your bank or pension fund to invest your money sustainably and ethically.  

Race to Zero: do you run a business or organisation? One of the most impactful things you can do is pledge to join the Race to Zero campaign, and commit to developing an action plan to reach net zero.  


Our pledges 

Across our scholarships teams, staff are keen to join the #OurClimatePledge campaign. Here are some examples of pledges from the team: 

“I am already vegetarian, but as part of #OurClimatePledge, I’ll go the extra mile and eliminate my dairy intake to reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse emission. I’ve started following some easy, fun recipes such as making homemade vegan cheese.”

Halema, Commonwealth Scholarships

My pledge is to invest in longer lasting clothes made from sustainable materials. I will try to avoid fast fashion as much as I can!

Luisa, Chevening

“I pledge to pick up litter I find when out walking the dog along our local river and make more effort to buy food not wrapped in unnecessary plastic.”

Rachel, Commonwealth Scholarships

“I pledge to reuse more plastic this year and I will not buy any more plastic plant pots but am drilling holes into old yoghurt and soup pots and reusing them instead.”

Hannah, Commonwealth Scholarships

“I want to make my home as green as possible. That’s why in 2021, I will put any savings I have made at the end of every month into a ‘green fund’ I will use the fund to pay for better insulation for my home at the end of the year.

Annie, Chevening


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