Chevening Scholars benefit from a global network of over 56,000 alumni

Chevening is much more than a year of fully funded study in the UK. Once you’re a part of our prestigious community, you’re part of a community for life. Find out more about the full range of benefits that come with being a Chevening Scholar.

It’s no secret that the Chevening Scholarship programme is a unique opportunity for international students to study in the UK. But did you know that in addition to receiving financial support for your studies, you’ll also benefit from being part of a global network of over 56,000 alumni? Read on to find out more about how you can take full advantage of this international network of Chevening Scholars and Alumni.


  1. Develop the skills you need to advance your career

One of the most significant benefits of being part of the global Chevening network is the opportunity for professional development. As a Chevening Scholar, you will have access to a wide range of networking events and professional development opportunities. These include our exciting events programme, the annual Chevening conference, workshops, and internship programmes, all of which are designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career.

  1. Build lasting connections with like-minded professionals

Another key benefit of being part of the Chevening Alumni network is the opportunity to build lasting connections with other professionals from around the world. We know that our scholars find this incredibly valuable:

“The networking opportunities that Chevening provides allows you to learn from others, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.”

Through Chevening, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests and goals. These relationships are often built in the UK, but continue long after our scholars return to their home countries. Find out more about staying connected after returning home.

  1. Form lifelong friendships

In addition to professional benefits, being part of the Chevening Alumni network also provides personal benefits. For example, many Chevening Scholars find that they form lifelong friendships with their fellow scholars. These friendships can provide emotional support and encouragement as you navigate the highs and lows of your studies and your career, and they can also open up new opportunities for travel, fresh perspectives, and cultural exchange.

  1. Give back

One of the most enriching aspects of being part of the Chevening Alumni network is the opportunity to give back. As a Chevening Scholar, you will have the opportunity to volunteer your time and expertise to support worthy causes and other aspiring scholars. Many scholars find the experience of paying forward the opportunities they’ve been given to help others achieve their own goals extremely rewarding, with over 2500 hours dedicated to volunteering by the 2021/22 cohort alone.


Being part of the global Chevening Alumni network provides international students with a unique opportunity to access professional development opportunities, build lasting connections, and give back to the community.

We hope you’ll take advantage of the many benefits that come with being part of this exceptional programme.

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