Once you complete your Chevening year you can join the alumni network and discover all the different Chevening groups and institutions you can connect with. Here, we tell you all about the CAA.

What is the Chevening Alumni Alliance (CAA)?

The CAA is an umbrella association for all Chevening Alumni in the UK and overseas.  Even though the CAA is UK-based, it is open to all Chevening Alumni, wherever they are in the world. Its board members are all volunteers offering their professional services on a pro bono basis.


What do the Chevening Alumni Alliance do?

At present, CAA have developed active networks across the sectors of sustainability, finance, law, entrepreneurship, LGBTQIA+, media, and culture.



The plans for 2022/23 involve a project funded by the flagship Chevening Alumni Programme Fund (CAPF). The project looks into the role of COVID-19 as an accelerator of innovation in the health and digital sectors, along with several other initiatives to increase the CAA’s value and benefits for the wider Chevening Alumni community. There is also a plan for the development of partnerships and sponsorship agreements with the UK and International institutions to improve our fundraising capabilities.

Other aims include developing key initiatives such as the Chevener of the Year award, conferences, seminars, networking events and talks. Furthermore, there are plans to partner with international recruitment companies to help fellow Cheveners to develop their careers, as well as identifying opportunities from within the network. This would be complemented by the development of courses offered via Higher Education partner providers at discounted rates for the alumni community.

Interested in taking part? Join the CAA LinkedIn group.

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