The third edition of the annual ‘Chevening TALKS’ took place at the British residence earlier this week.

Chevening Scholars and other leaders attending the event, listened to Alberto Crescenti, director of SAME (Emergency Service of Buenos Aires City), Carlos Guyot, deputy editor of newspaper La Nación, and Alec Oxenford, internet entrepreneur and founder of who explored different perspectives of leadership from a variety of sectors.

The event was organised by the British Embassy and Chevening Alumni Argentina.

Alberto Crescenti spoke about his experiences leading the medical emergency teams during incidents like the attack on the Israeli Embassy. He also pointed out that, in high-pressure situations, it’s fundamental that a leader makes accurate and clear decisions: ‘In these cases, the worst decision is not to make one’. The three speakers also agreed on the importance of preparation for team leadership, and on the fact that a leader should be an active person who can think beyond their circumstances. ‘The ability to adapt to the constant changes is essential for a leader’, explained Guyot.

British Ambassador John Freeman opened the event which attracted more than 80 alumni as well as business and political leaders. He welcomed the audience with a speech in which he thanked the three speakers for sharing their experiences and announced: ‘I’m glad to tell you that the Chevening Programme budget for the period 2015/2016 has been tripled’.

The full article is available to read in Spanish on the British Embassy Buenos Aires’ website. A short video of the TALKS event is also available to watch.