6 free courses to help you boost your leadership skills

From becoming a more joyful leader to leading your team through turbulent times, these six courses have been specially selected by the Chevening Alumni team to help you take the next step on your leadership journey.

‘Earn your leadership every day.’ – Michael Jordan, basketball legend and chairperson of the Charlotte Hornets

At Chevening we believe that the key to great leadership is education and that the journey to becoming a great leader does not end when your studies in the UK do.  

With this in mind, we’ve brought together a selection of free, online leadership courses to help you progress on your leadership journey. Let us know your thoughts on these courses and what other skill areas you would like to see us share content on in future.

1. Leadership and followership

The Open University | 24 hours of study, spread over 8 weeks

This course will help you to explore a variety of leadership styles and identify what makes a good leader, recognise common leadership challenges, define followership from the perspective of the leader and the follower, and identify the skills you need to develop to enhance your own leadership experience. 

2. Joyful leadership

Udemy | 5 hours of study 

In this course you will learn how to manage a group of people with joy and grow a happy office environment. You will also explore how to introduce more balance into your life, and how to better understand and utilise your own deep motivations and talents.

3. Leadership challenges in turbulent times

The Open University | 6 hours of study

This course is focused on the challenges you might face as a leader, from the turbulent environments you may experience to the leadership challenges that can affect your effectiveness as a leader – and how you can face these challenges head-on.  

4. Leading with effective communication – inclusive leadership training

edX courses | 4 weeks, 1-2 hours per week 

This course is all about the important role that communication plays in inclusive leadership. You’ll explore what it takes to inspire others, how to promote a novel idea, how to lead difficult conversations, and how to position yourself as a leader through inclusive communication. The next online course will start on 17 March.

5. Transitioning from friend to leader

Future Learn | 4 weeks, 1 hour per week

This course presents you with the frameworks, theories, and skills to support you in the transition from colleague and friend, to leader and manager. You will gain an understanding of the behaviours that are common in leaders, as well as the behaviours to curb during your transition into leadership. You can access this course for free by signing up to Future Learn’s limited access plan

6. Powerful women and the principles of feminist transformational leadership

Future Learn | 3 weeks, 3 hours per week 

Guided by experts in gender and development studies, this course will introduce you to feminist transformational leadership theory and practice. You’ll investigate the core principles of feminist transformational leadership and learn to lead in a way that is inclusive and empowering. By learning to lead with a focus on social justice and ethical practice, you’ll discover how to reframe traditional, gendered definitions of leadership, and gain the skills to put this leadership style into practice. You can also access this course for free by signing up to Future Learn’s limited access plan. 

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