Equality and diversity

Equal access to safe and inclusive spaces is essential for progress.

We’re so proud of our Chevening community who choose to challenge inequality and promote diversity and inclusion in their fields.

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The housing sector – a global perspective

Orna Rosenfeld, 2006 Chevening Alumna and recent winner of the British Council Social Impact Alumni Award, shares an insight into her work in 56 countries, where she advises governments, selected cities and leaders of international organizations on affordable housing and international urban development.

Ground-breaking discoveries know no limits

Born and raised in Iraqi Kurdistan, Hana Raza is one of the first female environmental advocates and specialists. We hear how she has had a positive impact on the wildlife conservation field in Iraq.

Launching girls’ STEM careers into space

After graduating from the University of Surrey with an MSc in Science in Microwave and Radiofrequency Engineering, Paola better understood the importance of young girls being exposed to ‘harder’ subjects. Here she tells us more about ‘Chicas Waskiris’ and how the Bolivian Chevening community is empowering young women.

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