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01 April 2019
A newly discovered octopus species, found off the coast of South Korea, has been named after the Chevening Scholarships programme by the scientist who found it. South Korean Chevening Alumna Dr Aprille Phul decided to give the new octopus the Latin scientific name of Octopoda Chevenuss Scholarpod after spending a career-changing year studying in the UK with the help of a Chevening Scholarship. Read more
22 March 2019
The Bulgarian Chevening Association (BCA) is a vibrant group of Chevening Alumni based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since a re-launch in 2017, the group have been working hard to provide networking opportunities for their members and opportunities to inspire the next generation of young Bulgarians. Read more
18 March 2019
The Chevening Alumni Alliance (CAA) are a group based in the UK, with membership open to all Chevening Alumni, wherever they are based. The board members are all volunteers, and give up their time because they love Chevening! With board members from Latin America, South East and East Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, they are truly representative of the global network. On Saturday, 16 March, they held their AGM and announced the opening of elections to bring in a new board to lead the CAA in its next chapter. Read more
Duchess of Sussex with Mayamiko Chibowa
11 March 2019
Networking is a constituent part of Chevening’s offer. Scholars are encouraged – even expected – to take advantage of their time in the UK to meet with people they wouldn’t usually encounter in their home countries, and exchange passions, hopes, and ideas with their new connections. Read more
05 March 2019
Some of Thailand’s most talented young professionals were gathered at the British Embassy Bangkok on 28 February for the highly anticipated Chevening Annual Talk. Read more
18 January 2019
The two countries that call the Caribbean island of La Hispaniola home, Haiti and the Dominican Republic (DR), are geographically close, but have not always enjoyed a harmonious relationship. In November 2018, the Chevening Alliance for La Hispaniola organised a binational conference in Santo Domingo, bringing together alumni from these neighbouring nations to discuss challenges and opportunities for improving binational relations. Read more
10 December 2018
On Saturday 10 November, a typically British autumn day, alumni representing more than 22 nations gathered at Regent’s University London for the Chevening Alumni Alliance’s (CAA) second global forum. This flagship event of the CAA calendar attracted alumni from all corners of the world, including Haiti, Bulgaria, Jordan, Russia, Indonesia, and South Africa. Read more
07 December 2018
Over the past three months, Chevening Alumni from across the Western Balkans have been working together on a series of events to improve collaboration in the region. As part of this project, Chevening Alumni from Montenegro organised two big events: a regional alumni conference, and a regional art exhibition featuring pieces from an open competition. The project was funded by the Chevening Alumni Programme Fund (CAPF), and delivered by the UK Alumni Association of Montenegro (MAUK).  Democracy, Dialogue and Innovation Read more
07 December 2018
‘Chevening Alumni are the best advocates for the Chevening programme in their home countries.’ Read more
04 December 2018
On Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 October, Chevening Alumni hosted a ground-breaking forum on the topic of Public Policy and Behavioural Sciences in Montevideo, Uruguay. The event, which received funding from the Chevening Alumni Programme Fund (CAPF), marked a pivotal moment for Uruguay, as it was the first forum of its kind in the country’s history. It was a truly collaborative effort, bringing together Chevening Alumni from 15 Latin American countries to discuss pressing issues facing policy makers in the region. Read more