Can I accept another scholarship/additional funding alongside my Chevening Scholarship?

Scholars are not usually permitted to have more than one sponsor. Please send the details of your other scholarship/additional funding to your programme officer, specifying exactly what amounts you will receive from them and the intended purpose of this funding. This should be in English. Depending on how much the additional funding is, your funding from Chevening […]

Can I get in touch with Chevening Alumni if I am offered a Chevening Award?

Yes. You can contact your local Chevening Alumni Association or group, who will be delighted to welcome you into our global network. Check the alumni groups page or speak to your local British embassy or high commission for help getting in touch with alumni in your country. Once your scholarship or fellowship is confirmed, you […]

Should my work experience relate to the course I want to study?

Chevening Applicants must have at least two year’s work experience (or 2,800 hours) of work experience. We accept work experience in any field. However, if your course choices are not related to your work experience, you will need to explain why you want to make a career change. You should explain the transferable skills you […]

What types of work experience are accepted by Chevening?

The types of work experience that are eligible for Chevening include full-time employment; part-time employment; voluntary work; and paid or unpaid internships. Work experience can be completed before, during, or after graduating from your undergraduate studies. However, employment undertaken as part of your undergraduate or postgraduate course are not eligible. Fellowship programmes may have additional requirements […]

Am I required to take a Tuberculosis (TB) test? Will I be reimbursed?

Some scholars and fellows are required to take a TB test when applying for a UK visa, depending on your country of residence. If you are required to take a TB test and you are successful in applying to Chevening, we will provide a contribution to the cost of the test. You must pay to […]

Am I permitted to give a public lecture during my stay in the UK?

Yes, the Chevening Secretariat strongly encourages fellows to make the most of their time in the UK through additional activities like these. These activities should be scheduled around your course schedule/timetable and not distract from your ability to fully participate in your fellowship. We encourage you to advise the Fellowships team of any activities, as we may […]

Can I change the university and course options after I’ve submitted my application?

You cannot make changes to your course choices in the online application system after you have submitted your application. If you wish to change your university or course choices, you must inform your interviewers of this during your interview. Your interviewers must authorise any university or course changes. You must then receive an unconditional offer […]