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Trying to find the right courses for your Chevening Scholarship application? Our course finder is here to make your search easier.

Selecting the right courses at the right universities is one of the most important aspects of your application. Use this course finder tool to search for eligible master’s degree programmes at every university across the UK*.

Your Chevening application must list three courses, and they must be courses that are eligible for a Chevening Scholarship.

You will need to apply separately for your course via the university that runs the course. Your Chevening application does not constitute an application to your chosen courses.

*The course information displayed in the finder is supplied by Postgrad Solutions. This data is regularly updated but, due to evolving course offerings at universities, it may not always be 100% accurate at the time of search. Candidates are responsible for checking that the courses they list in their application meet the criteria for Chevening funding. The Secretariat completes final checks on courses that candidates have selected following the interview period, and any courses that do not meet the criteria will be deemed ineligible. Please also check individual university websites for more information.

Can't find your course?

Only courses that are UK-based, full-time, start in the autumn term, and lead to a taught master’s qualification are eligible for a Chevening Scholarship, therefore only courses that have been deemed eligible will appear. Read more about eligible courses here.

Our analysis of your queries shows that most ‘missing’ courses are actually already in the database, so here are some top tips for checking. Please only submit a query if you’ve followed these guidelines and are still sure that your course is missing.

  1. Check that you are searching for the name of the course, and not the name of the department or the faculty.
  2. Check you have spelled the name of the course correctly.
  3. Courses at Chevening Partner universities and advertisers appear first in alphabetic order. Please search through further pages, or refine your search if you can’t initially see what you’re looking for.
  4. Ineligible courses will not appear in the search.

If you have followed these steps are are still unable to find a course that you believe should be eligible, please submit a missing course report.

Tell us about a missing course

More about courses

As course and university choices are at the heart of any good Chevening application, we have more information to help you make the right decision.

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Eligible courses

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Report a missing course

If you are sure that the course you're looking for is eligible and missing from our database, let us know

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Choosing the right course

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