Making sense of sustainability in Nottingham

As part of the 'Chevening Explores’ series, Cheveners past and present came together in Nottingham to discuss the challenges and opportunities around sustainability.

The event, Sense and Sustainability, opened with a welcome speech from Professor Sarah Metcalfe of the University of Nottingham, during which she outlined the university's research priorities and institutional focus on sustainable and resilient cities. She also acknlowledged the value of the Chevening programme for the scholars in attendance.

‘I hope you have a very enjoyable evening here in Nottingham, and that you get a good chance to network and get to know each other better, and to meet some of the people that have already been through this wonderful opportunity that the Chevening Scholarship presents.’

This was followed by five TED-style talks, delivered by Chevening Alumni with experience in the energy, banking, finance, and consultancy sectors, as well as a PhD researcher. Speakers included:

  • Dr Zeynep Kacmaz - Sustainable banking
  • Paulo Savaget Nascimento - Sustainability hacking
  • Sumeet Manchanda - Green project financing
  • Lucila Spotorno - Climate mission possible: facing climate change through a network of cities
  • Babatunde Agoro - The future of sustainability strategies 

Afterward, scholars were given the opportunity to ask questions related to either the global or local context. Dr Shaun Maskrey from the School of Geography at the University of Nottingham then presented on urban flood resilience and the Blue Green Cities project, before Chevening Alumna Dr Lucelia Rodrigues closed the session saying that her Chevening experience was truly transformative:

'The main thing to remember is that you are expanding your horizons and you are changing so much as a person that you will never go back to who you were before,' said Dr Rodrigues.

'I have travelled the world and made friends all over the planet. I'm just not quite the same person, I'm a new person. And yes, you are going to become global thinkers.'

Chung Han Yang, a Chevening Scholar from Malaysia, said it was interesting to learn about new concepts around sustainability. Hear what he had to say about the evening: